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Russell Stutely

How Does It Work?

As the Seminar Host, you get to choose the Date and the content of the Seminar.

It is as simple as completing the application form, agreeing on the date and making the booking.

There are various Seminar Types available, including custom tailor-made, to ensure that you get the full benefit from the Seminar.

Main Subjects Covered:

Pressure Point Fighting

Learn how and why Pressure Points work and more importantly HOW to apply them to your Art, be that for Sports Combat or for Self Defense.

Pressure Point Kata Bunkai

Learn what those silly moves in Kata / Patterns / Forms are really for. You will learn REAL techniques that can be used in a REAL fight. None of the usual garbage that you see out there.

Pressure Point Defensive Tactics

Learn the EXACT system that I teach to Police and Security all over the World. In fact, you could well become qualified to teach this material yourself.

Ultimate Power Generation

I am well known for being able to teach you how to generate ENORMOUS impact in all of your strikes. This method of power generation can be universally applied, regardless of style. Just this alone will totally transform EVERYTHING that you do!

Boxing Training

As the National Boxing Coach for Cambodia I am well equipped to help you take your Boxing skills to new levels.

Custom Seminar

This is where the content is tailored to your specific needs. Yes, it can change during the actual Seminar if you so wish.

Seminar Hosting FAQ

How Much Does it Cost?

There is a FIXED COST for a 4 Hour Seminar of $2000.00. This does NOT include expenses, which MUST also be paid.

The expenses are as follows:

  • My transport to and from your location
  • Hotel accommodation during the stay

Please note that if the flight to your location is over 4 hours, then a round trip Business Class ticket MUST be provided.

Please bear in mind that I am situated in Cambodia and expenses would be from here to your location and back.

Absolutely yes. Feel free to ask for ANY aspect of teaching at any time.

If it is for your personal viewing only then yes of course. In fact it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do video the Seminar.

Yes, of course, you can book as many consecutive days as you need. In fact most of my clients book a full week of training (5 Days).

No. It is entirely your responsibility.

YES. As the National Boxing Coach for Cambodia and the trainer to fighters of various disciplines, I can help you take your skills to new levels, very quickly.

Application Form

Please complete the application form below.

After which we can arrange a mutually beneficial date and time to chat and move forward.

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