Gaia System – Why?

Many people have asked me why I have come up with this Gaia Fighting System. I mean, I have a very comprehensive DVD range already, covering a massive amount of subjects in real depth.

Well, it is quite simple really.

All my previous DVDs have been on particular subjects, like Power generation, how to make techniques work and of course utilizing Pressure Points within that.

This DVD Set was designed for two kinds of people:

Martial Artists
Non Martial Artists

Now, I know that sounds a bit like, designed for everyone, but let me explain further.

Martial Artists

Often times as Martial Artists we become ?blinkered? as to what we are doing within our Art and the reasons we are doing it.

For example, we may have a great ?sports Karate? technique and somehow we think we could use it for self defense.

We get confused as to which techniques are Art, Dojo only, demo, drills, training, competition or real self defense.

Of course, the lines are blurred and many techniques can be made to work for the street, with slight modifications.

This DVD set helps the Martial Artist look more clearly at what they are doing and how to then incorporate this extra depth of knowledge into their own art, or take the system as a whole and utilize that.

Remember, it is about depth of knowledge, not the width!


Non Martial Artists

Often they are led to believe that a Black Belt can kick Ass, or that Art A is better than Art B for self defense purposes.

Most times this is simply not true.

This DVD set points out the pros and cons for 8 of the most popular Arts and will help the Non martial Artist in two distinct ways

  • Choose which Art they want to participate in (if atall)
  • Get the best from each to blend into one easy to learn system

It is this simple philosophy if you like, that led to the Gaia Fighting System

So, here is the KEY to making your Self Defense skills REALLY work.

  • Everything you do MUST be EASY to learn and EASY to apply
  • You MUST learn how to hit REALLY $%^& Hard
  • You SHOULD learn where to hit for the best effect
  • You SHOULD learn to be pre-emptive

If you hit REALLY hard and in the RIGHT place and you go FIRST, you have multiplied your chances of success MANY times!

To ensure that you do this all correctly this is the way in which to learn any and all techniques:

  • Learn with FULL Compliance from your training partner ? 20%
  • Practice with varying degrees of less compliance -75%
  • Occasionally pressure test with no compliance ? 5%

So, how do we hit hard?

There are many variables to ensuring that you have a good hard shot. However, a top tip in generating power is to think about this old time boxing phrase ?To Throw a punch?.

Now, let?s analyse that for a moment. Think of literally throwing something as far as you possibly can. A Javelin thrower for example generates BALLISTIC impact by throwing the bodyweight behind the javelin.

So, with a punch we must replicate these principles. Drive the hip forwards, the whole body forwards, followed by the shoulder and lastly the weapon (i.e the fist)

This is the key to generating more power in your strikes.

Where is a great place to land this killer shot?

Well, we all know that the head is a primary target, BUT LET?S GET MORE ADVANCED. We are, after all, going to train this.


Here is a diagram of exactly where to hit for the very best effect.

Striking here will not only hit the Points required for the K.O but will also result in the normal Boxing type K.O.

The intense and immediate brain rattle effect getting the K.O very easily.





How to Know When to Be Pre-emptive?

This is a real difficult one that is impossible to define here. There are simply too many variables.

One great way to learn the cues of the bad guys is to watch the body language and body angles of the other guy.

Is he moving in a way that puts him in a better position to hit you? Is his body angle changing so that he can hit you?

Is he sneaking up on you, whilst his friend keeps you in dialogue?

All of these are pre-cursors to an attack?.. or could be!

Watch you tube clips of attacks and see WHEN the attacker goes. Learn from these and be very aware.

That will teach WHEN to go first. But the VERY best way to know? is to TRUST your GUT REACTION? It is usually correct!

Good luck in your training!

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  1. I would love have the gaia sytem dvds. I have other dvd sets of yours and find them to be great. Yet i cant afford that price tag, any way i can buy 1 dvd at a time or something

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