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How to train techniques in the most effective manner is something that we are all striving to do. Unfortunately, most of us never do that.

The reason is pretty simple.

We simply copy what our Instructor says we should do (blindly in most cases) and become a ”carbon copy” of what is considered to be the aesthetically correct technique.

More care and consideration is given to the appearance than to the effectiveness.

This is a very common mistake in Traditional Martial Arts and is now becoming more and more prevalent in Combat Sports.

Too many people are being Instructed rather than TAUGHT and COACHED correctly.

The basic criteria for a technique must be adhered to, however the aesthetics of that technique will vary according to the individual.

Just because a technique or for that matter a training methodology has always been taught a particular way, does not make it correct.

Everything must evolve and strive to improve, not simply copy what has always been done.

I remember my Friend / Coach and Seminar Co-Instructor Herol Graham having to drastically alter the way he teaches and indeed performs Boxing, merely to become a recognised Coach.

This is absurd in the extreme. He could out perform, out explain and out coach everyone in the room…. BUT… without doing it ”their way” he would not become a qualified Coach and get his licence.

Sure, he can change after the fact, but that is not my point. The hierarchy should have seen that what he teaches is far superior and adopted those methods, collaborated, worked with, analysed, dissected and incorporated these principle to help improve standards across the board from that point onwards.

That willingness to change, evolve, adapt, take on board, discard, be open to new ideas is what Martial Arts SHOULD be about. It certainly is what I am all about, along with all of my OCFM Coaches.

The moment we find a more effective solution to a problem, then BANG… that is our new solution.

It could be in terms of movement, positioning, power generation, gaining space, taking space or indeed ANY ASPECT of training. If it works better than what we are currently doing, then we steal it and absorb it.

That is exactly what you should be doing in your training.

This does not mean that you completely change what you are doing, or change to new Art. It means that you ADD THIS KNOWLEDGE to that which you already know. Make your own Art as effective as it can possibly be.

This is why I teach PRINCIPLES on my DVD’s, at Seminars and my World leading Online Courses. Principles are style neutral. They can be applied no matter what your style or your intention for use.

In other words, those same principles will work for Self Defense, Combat Sports and for Sports Kumite.

You might not look as nice as your opponent to start with – but you will look better after the fight!

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