“How To Fight” Secrets Of The World’s Most Elite Warrior’s!

From: Ian G – NAP
REF: Warriors Union 8 DVD Set 2009

Dear Russell Stutely Customer,

I’m writing with some amazing news!

For the past 18 months or so, legendary guru Russell Stutely has been in virtual ‘hiding’…

It’s taken us a long time – but we finally found him – and an elite bunch of the World’s greatest and most feared fighters – sharing their greatest ‘how to fight’ secrets…on a remote island in the Mediterranean!

This letter is all about the ‘busting open’ of the World’s most exclusive ‘self-defence’ gathering…where the elite of the elite gather …and how you can now access the same secrets for yourself!

How We Found Russell Stutely ‘Hidden’ On A Remote Island With The Amazing New Fighting Secrets Of The World’s Most Feared Fighters!

Excuse me but I needed to dash this letter off to you as quickly as possible!

You see, I’ve just back from a ‘trip abroad’ (shall we say) and it was all for your real-world, real-life ‘self-defence’ benefit.

What happened?

Well, I’m writing to you today to explain everything – although let me tell you right now (up-front) that it concerns the frankly legendary guru Russell Stutely. And yes, it also concerns YOU and, quite frankly, ‘force-feeding’ you the over-the-top self-defence secrets that (we’ve only just realised)

Russell has been keeping from YOU, me – and everyone else – for YEARS!

It all concerns something called the Warrior’s Union – an extraordinary event known only to literally a HANDFUL of the World’s most elite martial artists and feared fighters!

Now, I trust that as you’re reading this now you’ve never even heard of this unique event. But don’t worry. This letter will set the record straight…and finally ‘out’ possibly the World’s greatest ‘gathering’ of the World’s most feared fighters – the stuff of legends!

But before I tell you anymore about this extraordinary ‘event’, let me tell you what’s been happening now…

Now…as you may know, the legendary Russell Stutely (creator of the ground-breaking and award-winning ‘Multiplied Force Fighting System’) basically FLED the UK when he released his ground-breaking BLACK Pressure Point Secrets around 18 months ago. We don’t know what happened, but we believe he feared ‘reprisals’ after releasing that last set of material.

Since then we’ve not been able to track Russell’s whereabouts – until recently…

That was, until we heard a certain ‘event’ might be taking place somewhere on a remote island in the Mediterranean…

In short, everything started to ‘kick off’ when we ‘got wind’ that there was a hidden event going down someone in the World – possibly in a remote and hidden location, tucked away from the prying eyes of the ‘authorities’.

THE LEADER: none other than THE legendary guru himself…one of the most feared Pressure Point Experts on the planet – the legendary Russell Stutely.

Now, we didn’t know where this ‘event’ was taking place. Or even what it was about (although, suffice to say we knew there would be some amazing stuff ‘going down’). We just knew that we HAD to get there…somewhere…wherever it was…to see Russell again, and see what this ‘event’ was all about.

Finding more about this ‘event’ wasn’t easy, mind. But as you may know here at NAP, we have a LOT of contacts in this game…from the more mainstream contacts (editors and publishers at the top self-defence magazines in the World) to the more underground and secret stuff – military and special forces guys who’d you’d never, ever want to cross.

Well, through ‘someone’ (we will NOT reveal our ‘mole’ in an open letter like this) we heard that this ‘event’ was going to go down some time this year…and after some serious discussions, we managed to PIN DOWN a rough time and location…

We believed the place was GOZO…

‘Gozo’, by the way, is a tiny island nestled just off the coast of Malta…with a population of just 30,000 people or so. In short, because of its remoteness and small population, it is the perfect place for staying under the radar and keeping out of the gaze of the prying ‘authorities’.

That sounded to us like the IDEAL PLACE where Russell could have been hiding out!

And sure, enough, we quickly got a kind of rough confirmation from a close-combat ‘insider’ that we know in the business. He virtually confirmed to us that Russell Stutely – The World’s Most Dangerous And Feared Pressure Point Legend – was hiding out on Gozo (a well-known ‘exile’ type place).

That was all we needed to know!

We immediately got an emergency plane to Malta International Airport (with a view to then getting a boat to Gozo) to track him down, taking some rudimentary gear with us, in the hope that we’d catch what we believed was the ultimate event for the World’s most elite fighters – something that we later found out was called the ‘Warrior’s Union’.

But before I mention anymore about that, let me tell you of another problem that’s been bothering us here at NAP…


That problem is that with the rise of the Internet, and many ‘wannabe’ martial artists…the problem of where to acquire and learn REAL secrets of self-defence has now never been greater. Our job is harder today than ever before.

I mean, how does the ‘average Joe’ obtain the most powerful ‘how to fight’ skills available today?

And I’m NOT talking about ‘martial arts’ here. Don’t get me wrong….they have their place.

To an extent.

But they take years to learn, and even then most martial arts and self-defence ‘systems’ aren’t as EFFECTIVE as you’ve probably been led to believe by various vested interests.

Forget that local Karate class…forget the years of learning how to try to kick someone underneath his nose. Doesn’t work on the street. Even the piles of the DVDs (not ours) we see ourselves often aren’t worth the media they’re printed on.

And that’s the problem…so FEW of the people ‘teaching’ any kind of self-protection today simply don’t have the skill, and real-world experience, to teach you how to REALLY protect yourself on the street.

To keep yourself safe. And your loved ones. And to command respect wherever you go.

That’s why Russell Stutely’s materials are so powerful – and why learning from the ‘gurus’ invited to this ‘Warrior’s Union’ event are so damn important .

The skills that these guys have….whether from an ex-World Champ, or the Europe’s number one authority…well, these skills are most certainly the REAL DEAL.

And they are known to immediately give anyone the ‘edge’ you want and need on today’s harsh streets to protect yourself with minimum fuss and hassle, and no matter what your experience level of physical prowess.

Russell and his Warrior’s ‘crew’ undoubtedly have the most ELITE and TEACHABLE self-defence skills on the face of the planet right now!

And we should feel privileged to learn from him and his team.

Anyway, with that small rant off my chest…

Let me tell you WHY this Warrior’s Union event was a whole new ball-game…taking even Russell’s skills up to another level entirely…especially when mixed with these other gurus!

Where was I? Yes – I remember, we were on our way to find Russell and learn more about the ‘event’ we believed was going down. So, yes, we found our way to Malta International Airport…then had to get a BOAT to the remote island of Gozo.

All in the hope of being somehow ‘admitted’ to this unique ‘event’.

But in truth…

We were almost disappointed!

It was quite shocking in fact…we’d just arrived on the remote island of Gozo, trying to keep our ‘cover’. And, we were trying to find where this unique event was taking place.

Well, after some ‘search and reconnaissance’, we believed we had found the venue – then tried to gain access to this final Warrior’s Union gathering.

But when we found where the ‘gathering’ was taking place – at last – we were basically denied access to the Warrior’s Union event.

It was a disappointing moment. We’d come all that way…done everything to make it…in the hope that we’d have been allowed access (because of our previous, excellent relationship with Russell).

In fact, when we finally tracked down the hidden-venue of the final Warrior’s Union gathering, a decidedly large gentleman threw his hands out at us…and refused to let us in at the door! It was quite shocking stuff (you’ll even see this moment ‘live’ on the DVD!)

‘They’ – the World’s most elite martial artists – simply didn’t want us to see this ‘event’ and the secrets that were going to be revealed over the course of three days!

I can tell you it took some serious cash and a lot of persuasion – not to mention considerable time – to finally gain access…

But gain access we did… And we caught every moment of it ‘live’…

And it was better than even we thought…

And it’s why I’m writing to you today…

In attendance: a World Boxing Champion and Ground-Fighting Wizard and a select ‘elite’ few others – eager to know Russell’s most inner circle secrets that most people would lose an arm for (and that includes most other ‘gurus’ in the self-defence World who – although they never admit it – simply worship Russell).

We finally tracked them down… and believe me,Europe’s Most Dangerous And Feared Pressure Point Legend was ready to give ALL his inner-circle secrets…in the World’s most secretive and closed-door meet-up of all time.

Frankly, NO-ONE was allowed through the door… unless they were ‘the dogs-whatsits’ in some respects…this was frankly an ELITE warrior-only gathering!

No offence intended to you…but you probably have no conception of these high-level secrets – they are just ‘too much’ for the average consumption of even ‘top’ martial arts experts.

So, only a World Champ. Boxer, some other elite fighters, and ‘us guys’ (since we know Russell and have collaborated on previous projects) – were granted entry.

It was only later that we found out that this ‘gathering’ was called The Warrior’s Union…and we also discovered that we had literally stumbled on the LAST EVER Warrior’s Union – the elite underground gathering of the World’s most dangerous gurus and real-world practitioners!

It was in fact the final Union that was ever to take place…and only the cream of the self-defence World had been invited. It was a very, very special place to be.

Unfortunately, unless you had an ‘A-List’ of contacts, you’d never gain entry to a Warrior’s Union gathering!

This was the last-ever time Russell was prepared to do this …and we’d hit the motherlode and got to see it in person!

What, exactly, IS the ‘Warrior’s Union’?

I am still hesitating to describe it in an open letter like this. Let me put it as succinctly as I can…

It is, basically, THE place where the World’s GREATEST and most feared fighters gather to share their new skills and technologies and their VERY BEST techniques for beating the ‘bad guys’.

It is simply a closed-door event – NOT open to the public – where the World’s greatest self-defence secrets are shared, and only the World’s greatest fighters are ‘invited’. It is a hidden event (this time, being ‘nestled’ on the coast of the remote island of Gozo) where the World’s most elite martial artists gather on an annual basis…where the underground and most feared fighters on the planet come to hone their skills…where the World’s greatest self-defence gurus come to share secret after secret technique that they can use against their enemies.

Believe me…if a member of the public could get access to one of these events – well, I’d hate to see the aftermath for any ‘mugger’ who attacked them after the ‘stole’ the knowledge from a Warrior’s Union event!

It is that powerful.

In fact, I’m convinced that what ‘went down’ at this event – the secrets that were shared – are YOUR ‘FINAL ANSWER’ to uncovering the World’s greatest self-defence skills that you may have been looking for.

Now, the bad news…

Anyway, as it turns out that this ‘ Union’ – this gathering of the World’s elite – had become fairly regular. Although, of course, it’s always been kept hidden from the general public – and most certainly the ‘authorities’ too (that’s why it’s usually held in such remote locations).

But here’s the bad news…

Once we’d been there and ‘busted it open’…the Warrior’s Union is NO MORE! Frankly, the guys and gurus invited to the event effectively called it a day once we got there.

They realised that their secret was out. And they would NEVER be able to put on another ‘Warrior’s Union’ event – ever again!

That means, quite bluntly that this was the LAST EVER event – and there will never be another one…ever!

You see, it was the kind of event that takes these secrets and skills to a whole new level – the kind of level that, until now, only the World’s GREATEST and most feared fighters had access to!

And until now…no-one except the World’s top ‘Warrior’s’ have even been able to see these ‘over-the-top’ secrets.


Now, the good news…no, make that the amazing news! We collared everything at the event (we ended up staying in Gozo for a monumental five days!) – yes, the World’s most feared fighters (because of who we are) let us record the entire event…the first time ever that a Warrior’s Union event has been committed to film – and the last one ever!

And we’ve done all this quickly too…in case of ‘reprisals’ (we were initially ‘worried’ as to whether these secrets would ever make it, whether we would ever get these DVDs out to our best customers like yourself).

But we did it!

It was incredible stuff, and the reason I’m writing to you today is to tell you how YOU (as a highly valued customer can access this monumental event for yourself from the comfort of your favourite comfy chair…how it will benefit you as a martial artists and self-protection enthusiast…giving you the ‘over-the-top’ skills that Russell only shares with his most trusted associates…and how you can check out what we have for you without any risk whatsoever.

Whatever you do though, don’t hang around. We KNOW this material won’t hang around for long and, quite frankly, we don’t know WHO and what will try to take this material from us (and, consequently, from you too).

OK…so let me tell you more about what went ‘down’ at this FINAL ever Warrior’s Union Event!

OK, so as a kind of ‘introduction’ to this Warrior’s Union event we saw Russell cover his core methods – he did this to ‘refresh’ everyone. This is actually sweet…because of the advanced level secrets that were to come!

Fortunately, Russell made sure even the elite were all singing from the same hymn book (and that means if you’ve NOT seen any of Russell’s material before, then you’ll be quickly brought up to speed).

We called this first, introductory DVD Warrior’s Union Principles Training.

You’ll learn…

  • How to correctly use and position your hands (and fist), legs and hips to deliver torpedo-like power that will knock any sized guy over…no matter who he is and how determined they are to try and attack you!
  • ‘Live’ demos of how to do crosses, jabs, hooks and uppercuts ‘Russell’s way’…to delivery maximum power with minimum effort – anyone can follow Russell’s lead here with these Warrior’s Union Principles!
  • How to use Russell’s principle-based methods to deliver extremely powerful blows whether they are slaps, punches, ridge-hands or any other kind of strike (and because it’s ‘principle-based’, they are easy to learn and apply no matter what kind of strike you deliver!)
  • How to use Russell’s ‘balance points’ to totally control an attacker – Russell will quickly bring you up to speed on how to use these in conjunction with his other secrets, to control and dominate other people – and take them out with maximum ease!

It’s these ‘core-grounding’ methods that will instil in you the real-world self-defence skills and secrets that Russell has become famous for…and, within an hour or so, Russell will have taught you these grounding materials enabling you to quickly get you up to ‘Warrior’s Union’ learning-level.

You’re then ‘ready’ for the really meaty stuff – the stuff which the World’s elite warriors had come for…the big ‘reasons why’ they’d come to learn at the feet of The Worlds Most Feared Pressure Point Legend!

We then saw how the ‘Warriors’ moved onto the really meaty stuff…sharing their newest and most powerful secrets for wiping the floor with any ‘bad guy’ who dares to cross your path. World Champs, and the greatest gurus on the planet, all sharing their best stuff.

It was amazing material.

Naturally, I can’t cover everything that was covered in a communication like this which anyone can view. But I can tell you some of what was going ‘down’ as we moved past the core methods and onto the really meaty stuff. We’ve called this the…

Warrior’s Union Augmentation Principles…

This is the stuff Russell uses with his top students to give them ‘over-the-top’ skills that few people ever learn or possess (this segment was illustrated ‘live’ with the famed ‘The Don’ (aka the ‘Human Beefcake’), an invited-attendee of the event. And no, we won’t say any more about his background!)

I’m talking about the stuff that conveys real power on someone…and ultimate confidence, too. Traditionally, Russell might ‘teach’ these augmentation principles to the likes of Herol Graham (ex. World Champ. boxer), ‘The Don’, and other elitists that were invited to an event like this. No more. Now these secrets are available to you too…through this unique DVD on Warrior’s Union Augmentation Principles.

WARNING: do NOT use these Augmentation Principles together. Use only ONE at a time. And no more. They’re simply too powerful when used together.

You’ll learn…

  • How to use mis-aligners that create almost ‘too much’ force over someone – anyone – no matter what their size or strength!
  • How to use Russell’s ‘vibration-matching’ principles to increase force with almost no extra effort on your behalf (ideal if you’re not in tip-top shape, physically)
  • A step-by-step demonstration on how to smash an arm into small, jigsaw-like pieces (using each of these Augmentation Principles)
    One augmentation principle which simply has to be used on its own – it cannot be used with other principles due to its outright power!
  • How to take advantage of something Russell calls ‘The Microcosmic Cycle’ to increase power – not everyone might believe this, but Russell knows it works, and can work for you too!
  • How to drop an opponent to exactly where you want him… most martial arts and self-defence will drop a guy…but Russell will show you not only how to drop, but how to drop in the exact position you want for powerful and easy follow-ups!

Russell has never met anyone by the way who can take FIVE of these augmentation principles at just 10% power!

That should tell you the power of these principles!

Russell gave us a litany of these Augmentation principles…any one of which can give you an almighty edge over any street opponent or attacker. And he gave us one of the most complete run-downs on how to ‘take apart’ the human body…piece by piece…that I’ve ever seen.

Just one word of warning here though…as I mentioned before do NOT use these Augmentation Principles together…they are just TOO powerful. You cannot imagine how powerful these materials are when you put them altogether. As I say, they really do become too much when used together. So, be careful here…

Next we moved onto to some really ultra-powerful material that we’d heard Russell was famous for covering at these Warrior’s Union events. It’s called…


This two DVD Series called ‘No Real Recovery’ is where Russell outlined to his elite warriors the best moves to ensure no-one comes back at you!

That’s why it’s called No Real Recovery.

What Russell really did here was reveal every one of his best, move devastating ‘no real recovery’ moves…the kind he ONLY usually teaches behind closed-doors to the likes of the elite fighters invited to this Warrior’s Union event.

You cannot even begin to imagine the power these moves will give you, the confidence they will instil in you.

Here’s just a small sample of what was covered by these elite warriors on this juncture of the training…

  • An unbelievably painful ‘face’ move which combines four ‘pain-accelerators’ – all at the same time! It doesn’t matter who the attacker is or how large…they will NOT be able to help but squeal and ‘cry uncle’ if you apply this one!
  • A ‘no real recovery’ move based around the head which Russell explains is ‘very, very, very dangerous’…only to be used in the most extreme self-defence scenarios!
  • A no real recovery move which is so powerful is can literally cause your attacker to ‘release his bowels’! What’s more, Russell will show you how it’s EASY to put this one into action right away. As Russell, explained use this one incorrectly and things get ‘very, very messy’
  • A finishing move based on the Thai-Clinch which ferociously ‘squeezes’ your attacker’s head like a pumpkin. Few, if any attackers, will be able to withstand this!
  • And plenty more – including Russell’s famed spinning facebars…his ‘fruit machine’ manoeuvre…and plenty more.

Quite seriously…once you’ve got these moves ‘down’, you’ll realise you’ll have one of the most complete arsenals of finishing moves that are available anywhere – the kind given to the most feared fighters on the planet!

In short, you’ll be ‘the man’…the one who can take their pick on which finish to use on an attacker.

Eager to know more, we couldn’t wait to learn even more of this ‘closed-door-only-for-the-World’s-best-fighters’ type material. In fact, next up were…

Magical Moves

These kinds of moves bring together the ESSENCE of what I’m talking about with Russell’s Warrior’s Union event.

In short, it was all about bringing you those moves and principles that are usually reserved for the World’s most elite martial arts ‘club’ – The Warrior’s Union.

It’s the kind of stuff most of us just never get to see.

It’s these ‘magical moves’ that separate these Elite Warrior’s – and YOU (once you see them) – from most other people and martial artists walking the planet.

They’re the kind of moves that (although it sounds very corny and ‘OTT’) place near-magical power in your hands…the kind of power that will make people think of you as having ‘magic’ in your hands, ready to unleash at will on anyone who even dares to cross you!

They’re the kind of techniques and principles that will make people stop and stare at you and say… “how on earth did you do THAT?” And probably “Stay away from me…that’s some mad power you’ve got there in your hands!” That’s why I say you must only use this material sensibly.

Here’s a sample of what Russell revealed to the World’s greatest at this point of the Warrior’s Union Event…

  • A simple move that you can use to drop a guy quicker than a sack of potatoes – with just ONE FINGER! Exact, step-by-step instructions given!
  • How to use Russell’s ‘Energy Drop’ secret move – and combine this with other moves for the ultimate ‘train wreck’
  • How to use the ‘Five Star’ move – do NOT use this much, if at all. It will easily render your opponent unconscious.
  • How to use ‘The Lightning Bolt’ – adding it to any move you wish…as with all these ‘magical moves’ you’ll see this one performed ‘live’ – and you’ll see how this move crumbles the opponent like playdo
  • And plenty more, too…

Russell effectively ‘armed’ all the elite Warriors at this event – as he will ‘arm’ you when you see these DVDs – with a whole series of these No Real Recovery and ‘Magical Moves’ which you can go out and start using by tomorrow.

Even more amazing material – the likes of which you’ve never seen before…

We even included some serious bonus footage, stuff I’ve never, ever seen Russell cover before – in fact, stuff I’ve never seen on any other martial arts DVD – EVER!

Here’s one example…a section called Taking Out The ‘Whoppers’.

This part of the ‘gathering’ was purely devoted to one thing and one thing only: what are Russell’s best reasoned secrets for taking out a WHOPPER of a guy…the guy who literally everyone in town is scared of?

The guy who can just look at someone and make them turn to a mess of fear…such is their size and apparent power.

Well, Russell showed us his best secrets for taking out an attacker who is truly HUGE…and we lapped up every minute of it (as did everyone else at this Warrior’s Union event).

And then we were let ‘in’ on the ULTIMATE ‘TREAT’…

And then came ‘the big one’…something we found out that these feared warriors had been waiting for. Something that had made them make the trip all the way to the remote island of Gozo in the middle of nowhere.

You see, right at the outset, we were promised something ‘new’ that Russell had been working on. In fact, it was something new – a new fighting system really – that he’d been working on together and in collaboration with the legendary Herol Graham.

Herol, of course, is a boxing legend (that’s one of the reasons why he was invited to this event…remember only the World’s ELITE get invited to this event).

He is a former World Champ…the guy The Times Online said “In many people’s view, the most talented British boxer…”…a guy that said to be THE prime contender to Marvin Haggler’s middleweight crown!

This is an entirely NEW technology that Russell has been working on for the last two years since the release of his breakthrough Multiplied Force Fighting System.

It is NEW. And it’s extremely powerful.

In fact, just as ‘MFFS’ did back several years ago…this new technology that Russell has developed (along with Herol Graham, the guy Russell calls one of the UK’s best ever pound-for-pound boxers) is the BIG new secret stuff that you simply need to feast your eyeballs on.

The stuff that has the power to simply rock the self-protection World to its absolute core.

I won’t say anything else here – except that it’s based on something Russell calls Pressure ZONES – something that’s much more powerful than even his BLACK pressure points!

OK, so here’s the gist of it:

In short, as good as pressure points are, Russell realised something. And that’s this: although pressure points are excellent, they are only as good as their user – and since they often need to be precise, they CAN (for some, not all) be difficult to ‘get off’. Especially in a street situation when the ‘brown smelly stuff’ is hitting the proverbial fan.

That’s why this new Pressure ZONE material is so powerful. It can be used by ANYONE. And by that I mean that even a well-trained chimp could get this material with just a few hours practice.

The results really are immediate – and easy to get!

Russell covered everything here…including his NEW Zonal Invasion principle – developed with World-class boxer Herol ‘The Bomber’ Graham. It’s basically a simple secret that the layman can use to finish the fight fast using these new ‘pressure zones’ (you’ll see exactly what I mean when you see the DVDs for yourself!).

When this session was finished, in fact, I was convinced of one thing.

This NEW technology is the ultimate LAZY MAN’S way to become an overnight ‘guru’ when it comes to using SUPER-POWERED pressure points for the street!

And that’s really saying something – since Russell’s previous material was award-winning in itself!

No wonder everyone was waiting for this new stuff!

Before Russell went into ‘exile’…here he collected his award for ‘Instructional DVD Of The Year’ at the world-famous SENI show.

Here’s what else you’ll learn…

  • How to put a man to sleep using just ONE of these new ‘pressure zones’ that Russell will show you! (Russell demo’d this ‘live’ on ex-boxing champ Herol Graham).
  • The ‘Pressure Zone’ ex-Champ Herol Graham was never able to use in the ring because it was ‘too dangerous’!
  • How there are just SEVEN of these new ‘Pressure Zones’ that you need to learn…and that’s it! This is why anyone can pick up this new fighting technology within hours of viewing this new material!
  • THE most powerful and ‘dangerous’ ‘Pressure Zone’ that Russell has devised for you…and why you must NEVER use it (or use it only if you’re life really is in extreme danger)!
  • Why this method requires NO ACCURACY whatsoever with this new ‘pressure zone’ material…and why it now makes traditional ‘pressure point’ training obsolete!
  • ‘Live’ demonstrations with Herol Graham and Russell Stutely on how the new Pressure Zone technology works in free-flowing action!
  • The BIG SECRET of HOW to hit these ‘Pressure Zones’…most martial artists hit the wrong way. Use Herol and Russell’s way and you’ll increase your power manifold with no extra effort!

The more I study this stuff, in fact, the more I’m convinced that this NEW technology from Russell makes traditional hard-to-learn pressure point material obsolete…and takes it to a new, easier-to-learn and much more powerful level!

I don’t think Russell was intending this new material – his very latest breakthrough ‘stuff’ – to go beyond the walls of this Warrior’s Union event.

He wanted it to stay with the World’s elite…with the likes of Herol ‘The Bomber’ Graham…with the likes of the ‘The Don’ (aka ‘The Human Beefcake’)…and within the confines of the small island of Gozo – where no-one else would see it!

Fortunately, we’ve managed to bring ALL these new secrets HOME with us! And now we’re intent on sharing them with you – and only you – as a past and highly valued customer .

This hot, devastating NEW stuff is available nowhere else!

And quite frankly, you wouldn’t have been able to get access to Russell’s latest, new technology in any other way. Only here, only at the Warrior’s Union event.

But happily, as part of this package, you’ll get full access to this new technology through three DVDs marked ‘X’ in your Warrior’s Union event package.

(Yeah…we’ve marked them ‘X’ for a reason…basically, if they ever got ‘intercepted’, we wouldn’t want people…the average Joe on the street…even our competitors…realising what this new material was, and trying to spread it or even use it without our ‘say so’. Forgive the clandestine approach here, but we feel it’s necessary to keep this new technology under wraps, and to keep it amongst the elite only!)

Five days had passed… Five days had passed. And suddenly, it was all over.

We’d been in Gozo for five monumental days. And they’d flown by. They often do when you’re experiencing stuff like this.

But when we got back on the plane – and viewed the material when we got home – we realised we’d created possibly the World’s greatest ever training package for self-defence enthusiasts…for people wanting the most ‘over-the-top’ secrets for fighting to win on the streets…without spending buckets of time learning how, and no matter what kind of physical shape they are in or what experience level they are at.

It’s the ultimate shortcut – the stuff the World’s most elite Warrior’s are using right now against their most powerful foes – to quickly and easily defeat whatever the World throws at them.

Now it’s your turn to bag the World’s most amazing self-defence secrets – the stuff used by the World’s most secretive and feared martial artists – for yourself!

When we got back home we realised we’d covered a full eight DVDs worth of material here at this first-ever-FILMED (bear in mind there had been other events – it’s just that this was the one and only event that had ever been caught on camera – and, as it turns out, the last one ever) Warrior’s Union event.

So let me summarise everything you’re going to get – now that we’ve compiled everything for you as a customer of ours…

Seriously, this is a HUGE Set of material…absolutely brimming with over-the-top NEW secrets from Russell…stuff that’s he never shared before, and stuff that was never intended to be released to!

You’ll get the entire Warrior’s Union event…on eight complete DVDs. You’ll see Russell…his new technology…all the stuff he only usually shares with the World’s most elite martial artists…his new ‘system’ with Herol Graham…his ‘magical’ moves…his best ‘No Real Recovery’ moves which he only usually he shares with his ‘warriors’ and the World’s best…his ‘too powerful’ Augmentation Principles…you’ll even see ‘The Don’ (aka ‘The Human Beefcake’ ) in free-flowing action!

You’ll get every last piece of training you want and need to go out and overcome what the street throws at you! And as a result…

Your confidence will soar.

You’ll look at the ‘streets’ with more confidence than you’ve ever done before, experiencing a calming sense of power of other people…

You’ll look other people right in the eye, KNOWING you’ve got some of the best skills on the planet, should you ever need to use them (and let me point out at this stage…that you should only ever use this information in self-defence situations. And only use the force needed to get away).

And you’ll have everything you need to tackle the ‘bad guys’…the kind of human slime-suckers that make life miserable for people but who you’ll be able to dominate once you know these secrets!

So what’s the price for this one-time-only Warrior’s Union package?

It’s priceless.

And I say that because there would be no other way of accessing this material. Fact is, FEW people walking the face of the planet will ever get to see this information. That’s just the way it is.

So, OK…there IS a price to this…and I’m pleased to say this is available to you right now as a past and highly-valued NAP customer.

Yes, that’s right. We ARE making this available for a limited time.

And I have to be up-front with you and tell you that we’d considered – quite seriously – a $1000.00 price tag for these brand-new Warrior’s Union DVDs.

After all, if you HAD wanted to get access to this material, you would have to fly to Gozo, and even then you would NOT have been able to access these Warrior’s Union secrets because you’d have almost certainly been seen as an ‘outsider’!

They simply wouldn’t have let you in! And believe me, you wouldn’t have argued with these guys!

Don’t worry though. Your price isn’t $1000…it isn’t even $600. In fact, your price is probably LESS than the cost would have been for a single flight and hotel for the night.

In fact, your price is just $377.00 for the total package. And that’s for everything…the entire Warrior’s Union event – the first ever recorded to film…the whole shebang – on 8 packed DVDs!

What you will receive

The total price for the Warriors Union 8 DVD Set was $397.00 – but not today.

Now we are going to make this an absolute NO-BRAINER.

You are ALSO going to receive an extra full Digital DVD Set as a FREE Bonus.

This is a unique fighting system put together by Russell Stutely and the legendary Herol “Bomber” Graham – simply called The X Fighting System.

The true value of this bonus is $97.00 and today it is your for FREE!

Warriors Union is now only $220.00

This is what you will receive immediately after purchase for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY

  • The full Warriors Union 8 DVD Digital Downloads.
  • Available immediately after purchase
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Lifetime access – one time payment
  • X Fighting System Bonus 3 DVD Set