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The Future of self defense has arrived

There is not a day goes by without more violent attacks making the news… and this is a drop in the ocean compared to the actual numbers. Never before have good people like us been so at risk.

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You MUST understand HOW to train and practice CORRECT striking methods for self defense. This clip from DVD 2 gives you an insight as to why that is so important.

You Are at risk every day

Do you feel safe in today’s world? 

Sadly, the statistics suggest that the answer is likely no

In fact, the prevalence of sudden and violent crime has reached an all-time high, leaving us more vulnerable than ever before.

According to recent data, violent assaults are on the rise in most areas, increasing by as much as 30% year over year. 

It’s a troubling trend that speaks to a larger problem in our society: a lack of focus on the well-being of law-abiding citizens like you and me.

While there are over one hundred registered government bodies for low-life criminals, there are only two authorized government bodies for the victims of crime in the UK. 

Yes, you read that right. 

You are over 50 times more likely to receive support from the government as a criminal than as a victim.

It’s an unacceptable situation that has left good, decent people feeling marginalized and neglected. Instead of protecting the innocent, our governments are allowing crime to run rampant, leaving us to tolerate a society that is rapidly deteriorating.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

By standing up for ourselves and demanding change, we can create a safer, more just society. 

After all, we get the society that we are prepared to tolerate. 

So let’s take action by taking our skills to new heights!

law enforcement are shackled

Law enforcement officers can and should play a vital role in keeping us safe, but they are facing increasing challenges in today’s world. 

On one hand, they are becoming more “militarized” to deal with the rising crime rates, while on the other hand, they are being shackled by a growing number of rules and regulations.

The number of officers per capita is decreasing at an alarming rate, leaving fewer officers to patrol the streets. 

Criminals are taking advantage of this situation, with street crime on the rise in major cities like London. 

Crime gangs operate brazenly in broad daylight, with almost zero chance of being caught.

To make matters worse, officers are often dissuaded from chasing criminals in case they get injured during the pursuit. 

And if law-abiding citizens try to stop crime, they are often treated as vigilantes and become the new target of police examination, or even arrest.

It’s a frustrating situation, but it’s important to remember that law enforcement officers are actually on our side. 

They want nothing more than to be able to do the job they signed up for and to protect their communities. 

However, they are under constant scrutiny and the guidelines they must follow make their job extremely difficult.

In fact, paperwork alone can take up to 80% of their working day, leaving little time to actually do the job they so desperately want to do. 

It’s a ridiculous and unacceptable situation that needs to change.

But change won’t come easy. 

Law enforcement officers face constant threats of suspension or losing their jobs, making it difficult for them to speak out against the rules that are hindering their ability to do their job effectively.

As a society, we need to recognize the importance of law enforcement and provide them with the resources they need to keep us safe. 

Let’s work together to create a system that supports our brave and heroic officers, and ensures that they can do their jobs to the best of their ability.

We can create that system, because we are the exact kind of people that are prepared to stand up and be counted when it comes to protecting ourselves, our loved ones and by extension our communities!

Crime levels soaring

UK Figures 2017

Police numbers have hit a historic low, recorded crime is rising faster than ever before and more and more criminals are walking free.

It's bad and it ain't getting better

I am pretty sure that just like me you sometimes have a day dream, that if everyone had our attitude towards being a law abiding citizen, that there would literally be no need for any Law Enforcement.

Unfortunately – it sometimes feels like we really are in the minority.

It really is bad out there – and it really ain’t getting better. Not any time soon, that is for sure.

Law Enforcement are facing budget cuts or restraints, more stupid targets, an ”enforced” relaxed attitude towards certain crimes and a huge upsurge in their attitude towards easy to solve and make the figures look good crime – like when someone gets upset on Twitter! Give me a break.

Or the good samaritan that comes to the aid of a victim and is then prosecuted by the authorities and sued by the criminal!

From my Police Contacts I know of just one Family in a very small town in the UK who ”make a living” from suing the Police and owners of homes that they break in to.

If they can break in and get away with nothing happening, then fine.

If they disturb the homeowner – they do just enough to ensure the Police are called and the homeowner ”restrains them” or ”stops” them from running off.

They do just enough to ensure the arresting Officers have to use force to arrest them.

They then start the process of suing everyone in sight – all paid for by the tax payer – yes of course they are on benefits as well.

As long as the claim is under 4k Sterling, then it is cheaper for the Police Force to write a cheque, than to fight it in Court.

The homeowner is usually advised by his Lawyers to do the same.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Violent crime epidemic

When I first started to teach the Police, it was a well known fact that muggers hardly ever actually used the weapons they threatened the victim with.

Once the victim gave up their possessions – the muggers simply ran off and that was the end of it.

Although shaken and extremely worried about the incident, the victim was rarely, if ever, actually injured.

Nowadays, it is completely different.

Victims are routinely violently assaulted regardless of how easily they capitulate to the demands of the criminal scum.

We are advised by the Authorities to not fight back, not to escalate the situation, in case it becomes a violent mugging.

Unfortunately, it becomes violent anyway.

The scumbags are stabbing, shooting, spraying acid on their victims BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER they have robbed them.

The criminals know and understand that the easiest victim is the one that is incapable of fighting back – so why not just stab them first and then rob them.

This increasingly violent trend is on a worrying upwards spiral, with no end in sight.

We often hear reports on the News about Knife Crime epidemics, and they always occur just before yet another useless Knife Amnesty.

The News are so fast to show how many illegal weapons have been handed, how much safer our streets are, now that the nice little scumbag criminals have decided to hand over their weapons!

Gimme a break… do you know WHY they hand them in during an AMNESTY?

Because it is an AMNESTY – They will not be convicted for the crimes they committed with those weapons.

Talk about a ”get out of jail free card”!

I can assure you, this really is the tip of that iceberg for what the scum really get away with.

Meanwhile, the victims get nothing.

Many victims are now so traumatised and scared of the repercussions from Criminal scum, that they simply do not report the offence…. this is especially true for victims of sexual assault.

Can you imagine how you would feel, to see your loved ones in this state? Assaulted, petrified and scarred for life, whilst the scum that did it carry on their merry way, without a care in the World.

And if they do get prosecuted – the sentance is so lenient it beggars belief.

10 years becomes 3 years served in a heartbeat!

Immediately they are getting one third off for parole, then another one third for good behaviour, plus a bit extra if they go on a course to make them better – poor little things.

Of course a sex attacker is on good behaviour in prison – there are no victim types in Prison!

A common thief is surrounded by the temptation to steal, every single day in Prison – his victim type is anyone with anything worth stealing and selling.

A sex attacker has no victim type – and for some inexplicable reason they are rewarded with time off for good behaviour.

Meanwhile – the Victim in this, gets nothing – No support, no help….nothing!

They just sit and worry for their lives when the criminal gets back out to take their revenge.

Victims of Sexual Assault remain victims

It can take years of therapy to possibly recover from a serious sexual assault.

Meanwhile the Criminal scum could be out walking the streets – even in the same neighbourhood.

ever increasing violence

The criminals of today are increasingly more and more violent towards their victims.

They have no conscience and unfortunately next to zero consequences for their actions. Prisons are full and the Courts are taking more and more lenient attitudes toward habitual offenders.

Criminals have a ”badge of dubious honour” for the amount of violence they use on an assault. If one of their associates stabs a victim once, they have to do it twice.

If one of their associates almost kills the victim, then they have to take the next step and kill theirs.

There seems to be no end to where this will go.

This level of violence is cascading down to normal nights out.

What was once a fair punch up in the street is now a potential death match.

People are carrying weapons with them ”just in case” or to make themselves ”feel safer” on a night out down the local Pub.

No longer do we see a ”square go” whereby 2 people having an ”argument” would settle it on their own… one to one.

Nowadays, everyone piles in and the guy or gal unlucky enough to be on the floor… is the one getting stomped on or worse.

The police are just clearing up the mess

From the hundreds of Door Supervisors that are trained in my systems each year, I have it on good authority that when there is a mass fight outside a Club or Bar – The Police ”arrive” once it’s all over.

Go back a few years and they would be straight in – splitting things up and making arrests.

Flash forward to todays streets – and they are basically there to clear up the mess afterwards.

We can no longer depend on the Boys In Blue to come to our rescue.

Response times to violent incidents are at the slowest on record.

Which seems incredible in this day of INSTANT MEDIA everywhere, the sheer volume of CCTV Cameras and the ”Big Brother” attitude of our respective Governments.

You are far more likely to see yourself being assaulted on Facebook Live or on YouTube BEFORE the Police even arrive – assuming you survive the encounter.

Witnesses, armed with Cameras in their pockets – Video everything and see nothing.

Police clear up afterwards

Unfortunately the Police usually arrive once the fights are over.

Basically an escort to the Ambulance if you are lucky enough to make it.

there is a solution

Luckily for you, there is a solution to all of this, called:

Where you will discover:

But hey … I am getting ahead of myself here.

Hi, I am Russell Stutely.

By now, you may well be asking who am I and how can I make these claims?

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself and my experience in this field.


For over 25 Years now, I have been travelling the Globe teaching my systems to Police Forces, Military Units, Martial Artists, Security Officers and to Corporate Bodies.

My systems are ”required learning” at nearly 100 Police Academies. Over 20,000 Security Officers per year become Certified in my systems.

This is no accident – it is because my systems work and they work damned fast.

I have worked with Professional Fighters to increase their speed, timing, distancing, punching power and much more.

I have hundreds of rounds with Professional Boxers at the highest levels under my belt.

I have had broken ribs, my jaw broke, teeth smashed out and still carried on fighting.

I have worked Security in several Countries and have first hand experience of real World violence.

I know how the Criminal scumbags attack and how they pick their victims.

I tell you this, not to blow my own trumpet, but to let you know for sure, that you are indeed in the right hands when it comes to getting the right information about defending yourself and your loved ones.

MY credentials and awards

what people are saying

As an Instructor of multiple Martial Arts of many years experience, and as a former CEO of a Security Firm, I can attest to the absolute effectiveness of Russell Stutely’s OCFM technology.
It has at least doubled the effectiveness and power of EVERYTHING I do.
As a practising Emergency Physician and Instructor in the Management of trauma, I can attest to the DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES of these techniques to the body of any would be assailant.
Dr Eddie Emmanuel
OCFM County Coach
I have sparred hundreds of rounds with Russell when he was 180 and I was 240. NO-ONE has ever hit that hard at that weight. In fact most Heavies can't hit like Russell can. I was also a part of the ''testing procedure'' for the Self Defense systems in place at Police Academies. Russell is THE MAN to learn from.
Paul Butlin
Former Pro Heavyweight Boxer
I have been teaching Self Defense for many years, to people from all walks of life. So, it is fair to say, that I really know what I am talking about. I spent one full week of training with Russell and it transformed my skills.
Craig Burman
Self Defense Instructor
I can PERSONALLY vouch for the effectiveness of everything that Russell teaches. I have known him for over 20 Years. Buy his DVDS or deny yourself a lifetimes opportunity. He is truly the No.1 in his field.
Peter Consterdine
World Leader - Self Protection
I was so impressed with the skills and teaching ability of Russell when we met, that I decided to stay and train with Russell and his elite group. We have taught Seminars together in several Countries and also put together a superb Self Defense system. If you want to truly know HOW to defend yourself, then look no further than Russell.
Herol ''Bomber'' Graham
Former 3 time, 3 weight Champion
After purchasing all of Russell's DVDs, I decided that I had to go and train with him. What a week! Talk about a transformation. Since then I have compiled my own Door Security courses, with over 30,000 Officers certified. Buy his DVDS - NOW!
Paul Mracek
OCFM International Coach
Russell is the only teacher I call Sensei. Everything he teaches just works - and is so bloody painful. If you want to be great at Self Defense or even become a Pro Fighter - Russell WILL make that happen!
Vaklav Skramach
Former Pro Boxer and MMA Fighter

Features and Benefits

Here are just a few of the incredible features and benefits of the Total Destruction 9 DVD Set special offer:

Comprehensive self-defense training:

The set covers various aspects of self-defense, from entries and strikes to locks and pressure points. You will learn a wide range of techniques to defend yourself in a real-life situation..

Clear and concise instruction:

The DVDs feature the renowned self-defense expert, who explains the techniques in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner.

Unique perspective:

My methods are unique and not commonly taught in other self-defense programs. You will learn a fresh approach to self-defense that can give you an edge in a real-life scenario.

Extensive coverage:

The set covers a broad range of self-defense techniques, including entries and strikes, takedowns, locks and breaks, chokes and strangles, and pressure points. You will receive a comprehensive education in self-defense.

Develop self-defense skills:

The set is designed to help you develop practical self-defense skills that can be used in real-life situations. You will learn how to defend yourself in a range of scenarios, giving you greater confidence and peace of mind.

Increase self-awareness:

Through learning the techniques taught in the DVDs, you will become more self-aware and attuned to your surroundings. This can help you avoid dangerous situations and stay safe.

Build physical strength and fitness:

Practicing the techniques taught in the set will help you build strength, stamina, and overall fitness. You will develop a greater sense of physical confidence and well-being.

Learn unique and effective techniques:

The expert's techniques are unique and highly effective. You will learn a fresh approach to self-defense that can give you an edge in a real-life scenario.

this is what you will get


This is an encyclopedia of Total Destruction for any would be attacker to be crazy enough to get in your way.

No matter what your current skill level is, you will become a total wrecking machine in just a few short hours of training.

The DVDs

DVD 1 Introduction

If you can bear to listen to me talk, then this DVD will be of enormous benefit.

I tell you about the ”rules” for self defense and the best ways to train and get as much out of this DVD Set as possible. 

The information on this DVD alone is significant and pertinent.

DVD 2 Entries And Strikes 1

This is much mis-understood area of training, especially within the Self Defense industry.

You MUST learn the best ways to get into hitting range as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once there, you need to be able to deliver devstating multiple strikes – with this information – you will!

This where the correct way of Pressure Point striking ( as only I teach ) will take things to the official ”scary level”.

DVD 3 Entries And Strikes 2

Following on from the previous DVD, we go deeper and nastier with the entries and follow ups.

Learn how to generate so much power from close range that your opponent will crumple like a cheap suit, literally from just a grab around the neck – ONLY when you do it like I show you!

DVD 4 Takedowns

These takedowns are so simple to make work, that sometimes you will think your training partner is letting you do it. They work that efficiently.

Learn how to take them down, throw them if needed in just a few minutes of training.

It is your choice how they land – and if they survive the fall!

DVD 5 Locks - Arms

In a real fight, usually the closest thing to you is the arm.

If your opponent has his arms destroyed, he can’t really do much.

Learn how to literally destroy an arm, so that it will never work again….. or just be nice and break it!

DVD 6 Locks And Breaks

It is important that you remember this: A lock is a break that has not been applied!

Here you are going to learn how to break anything and everything on the body.

Extreme caution required during practice.

DVD 7 Chokes And Strangles 1

Learn the difference between a choke and a strangle – and why I will choose a strangle EVERY single time…. and why you should too!

I show you my own method to learn and practice, that will get you up to speed in mere minutes.

DVD 8 Chokes And Strangles 2

Following on from the previous DVD we go further and nastier, ensuring that you have all the tools required to put anyone to sleep – real fast.

How long they will sleep – is entirely your choice.

Using my methods – your opponent will be out in less than a half second!

DVD 9 Pressure Points

Well, this is what I am known for!

I take you on a tour of the VERY BEST points for self defense and how to locate them easily, how to make them work and how to train them properly!

Learn why there is no such thing as a non responder using my methods!

Each section is designed to give you as much information and training material as humanly possible.

You will see and understand my unique training methods that will transform everything you are doing and the way you do it.

It is geared towards making you as dangerous as possible – in the shortest time frame possible.

In a real fight, time is not your friend.

So, with that in mind, everything I teach you can and will be learned super fast. You will be applying this knowledge almost immediately.

You can’t win on a Judges decision on the street, there is no sportsmanship and no referees to help you out, when the going gets tough.

You have to win decisively and quickly.

The longer the battle, the more chance of getting hurt.

this is what you will learn

You are going to be a TRUE Total Destruction Pressure Point Fighting wrecking machine after watching this DVD Set.

Here is a quick selection of just some of the things that you will learn:

I have gone totally overboard with the information that you will receive on this DVD Set – Total Destruction.

As the name suggests – that is what you get – Total Destruction of the whole body. You are going to be able to tear your opponent limb from limb – at will!

Imagine the feeling of KNOWING that you have the ability to strike anywhere you want on your opponent and either:

  • Put em down
  • Put em out
  • Shatter bones
  • Or all and any combination of the above

The choice will be yours…..

Pressure Point myths exposed

It is a sad fact, that over the years, there have been a number of ”Pressure Point Experts” suddenly emerging.

Plus a plethora of Pressure Point Busters – showing you how they don’t work.

They have learnt a bit and start telling people how they work and all about how they don’t work.

You know what? They are right – when they do them – it does not work.

Why? Because they are doing it wrong! Simple as that.

I take the time to show you exactly HOW TO MAKE SURE that using my methods, they WORK EVERY TIME.

I show you how the rest use them and use plenty of force – and my training partner just stands there ready to hit me!

Then I show you how WE use them – drop the force down massively for safety – and then you can see my training partner fold up like a cheap suit.

It is this simple – nothing works if you are doing it wrong!

A smack in the mouth does not work if you can’t punch your way out of a wet paper bag!

Simply follow along with my methods and EVERY POINT WORKS – EVERY TIME!

You will learn:

  • How Points are truly activated
  • The difference between chart location and actual location
  • How to utilise that information

and so much more…

Layers of learning

From over 20 years of travelling the World, teaching this material, it is fair to say, that I have a teeny weeny bit of experience on the subject.

Having been acknowledged as the Worlds Leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach, it is fair to say, that I probably know what I am talking about.

It is a fair assumption that I know and understand the best ways to get this information across – in a way that truly accelerates the learning process for you!

This DVD Set has been designed in what I call ”Layers Of Learning”.

What does this mean?

Well, as the name suggests, it means that there are different layers or levels if you like to everything that is shown.

For example: If you are new or very new to Pressure Points – you will understand and use the techniques very quickly and get GREAT RESULTS from day one – that is a given.

PLUS… as you get more advanced you will understand what is shown at a higher level / layer and be able to add that information IMMEDIATELY and progress yet again.

If you are VERY EXPERIENCED – You will see the layers and understand how to mix and match them from one technique to another and INCREASE your effectiveness yet again.

In other words… once you have this material, you can watch it time and time again and STILL KEEP learning and advancing – no matter what your current level of knowledge of skill.

This is truly a game changer.

Will play on ANY Device

Play on ANY Smart TV - Tested to 95 Inch Display
Play on ANY Smartphone
Play on ANY Tablet
Play on ANY Computer

plus these extra FREE BONUS Items

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free bonus 1


PDF Download Files containing a ton of extra information

  • The TOTAL Destruction Manual – A neat, handy guide to weak areas and how to use them
  • Pressure Point Listing – Detailed list of the location of EVERY Pressure Point on the Human Body
  • Strike Effect List – Detailed breakdown of the effect of different levels of force to EVERY Pressure Point on the Body
For Illustration Purposes - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY

Total Value $387.00 Now FREE

free bonus 2


Will play on ANY device.

The Components of ANY Technique – This DVD details ALL the main components to making EVERY technique you do, MUCH MORE Effective.

Just this information alone can transform your Martial Arts skills.

For Illustration Purposes - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY

Total Value $29.95

free bonus 3


Will play on ANY device.

The famous Pressure Point Knockout Explained – This DVD details EXACTLY how to learn, safely train and of course execute a Full K.O. quickly and easily EVERY time.

Using this information, you will be knocking out people left, right and centre.

For Illustration Purposes - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY

Total Value $29.95

free bonus 4


Will play on ANY device.

The famous WAVEFORM Power striking method explained – This DVD details EXACTLY how to generate ENORMOUS Impact in each and every strike you make. 

You WILL DOUBLE your striking power when armed with this information.

We use this method in EVERYTHING THAT WE DO. It is that important.

For Illustration Purposes - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY

Total Value $197.00

free bonus 5


A complete graphics package, detailing the location of every Pressure Point on the body.

Plus a pack detailing the Vital Point Areas on the body.

A superb quick reference guide.

Reduced size sample of just one section of the huge graphics pack

Total Value $97.00


Let me tell you about these incredible bonuses, as they are worth more than the final cost of this incredible BRAND NEW SET of material on their own!

FREE BONUS 1:The Manual and Listings

1. A handy pictorial guide to the weak areas of the body, utilised in the Total destruction DVD Set. Instantly look at the areas you need to strike for the very best effect.

2. A detailed list of every single Pressure Point on the Human Body. This is broken down into sub-sections for each of the 12 Major Meridians. Get the EXACT location from both Western and Chinese medicine perspectives.

3. A huge 41 Page listing of each Pressure Point, detailing EXACTLY the best method of attack. Also, more importantly, what the effect of strikes can and actually will do, from a light, medium to heavy strike. This is DEADLY information - NOT AVAILABLE FROM ANYONE ELSE!

FREE BONUS 2:Players To The Game - Digital DVD Download

Every technique has a number of ''constituent parts' that make it work effectively. For example a punch needs speed and power. That would be 2 Players. By truly understanding how to analyse and incorporate Players into a technique (and adding more and more together) you can transform an average technique into something extraordinary. Now imagine being able to do this to EVERY SINGLE technique you do!

FREE BONUS 3:Pressure Point Knockouts Made Easy - Digital DVD Download

We have all heard about these mystical powers of being able to knock an opponent out with one simple strike. We all know it can be done with a good hard punch on the jaw as we see happen in pro Fighting all the time. However, there are MANY MORE locations on the body, from which even a light to medium strike will render your opponent unconscious. This DVD will not only show you EXACTLY where they are, but ALSO teach you how to do it. You can be knocking out your training partners left, right and centre in under one hour!

FREE BONUS 4:Power Striking Guide - Digital DVD Download

One of the aspects of training that I have achiened a ''level of fame'' for is my ability to hit ridiculously f$%^ing hard. Far harder than you can imagine. This DVD will teach you the EXACT Drills and methods to achieve this feat. You WILL DOUBLE OR EVEN TREBLE your striking power from this one DVD alone.

FREE BONUS 5:Total Destruction - Graphics Pack

This is designed to be used alongside Bonus 1. A detailed graphic for each of the 12 Major Meridians, showing you the name of each point and illustrating it on a pictorial of the Body. Never ask where a Point is located again, you will have a diagram, a location for all of them!

REMEMBER: All of these Bonus items are FREE for real action takers!

total destruction 9 DVD Set

The future of self defense has finally arrived.


Plus these FREE Bonus Digital DVDs

Plus this bonus paperwork

Supposed "Experts" Exposed

It’s unfortunate that over the years, many so-called “Pressure Point Experts” have emerged, along with a plethora of “Pressure Point Busters” who claim to expose the ineffectiveness of pressure points. 

The truth is, most of these individuals simply don’t know how to properly execute pressure point techniques.

I take the time to show you exactly how to ensure that every pressure point technique works every time. 

By demonstrating the differences between how other individuals use pressure points versus my methods, you’ll see firsthand how effective my techniques truly are.

Through my years of experience as a Pressure Point Fighting Coach and extensive travels across the world, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge on the subject. 

As a result, I’ve designed this DVD Set in “Layers of Learning” to accelerate your understanding and application of these techniques.

If you’re new to pressure points, you’ll be able to quickly and easily learn the techniques and achieve great results from day one.

As you advance in your skills, you’ll be able to understand the techniques at a higher level and incorporate this knowledge immediately to progress further.

For those who are highly experienced in pressure point techniques, you’ll be able to see the layers and understand how to mix and match them to increase your effectiveness even more.

In short, this DVD Set is a game changer that will allow you to continually advance your knowledge and skills in pressure point fighting, regardless of your current level of expertise.


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  • Full Total Destruction 9 DVD's for Immediate Digital Download
  • FREE BONUS 1: Total Destruction Paperwork
  • FREE BONUS 2:: Players to The Game Digital DVD
  • FREE BONUS 3: Pressure Point K.O's Digital DVD
  • FREE BONUS 4: My Power Striking Guide Digital DVD
  • FREE BONUS 5: Total Destruction Graphics Pack