The Multiplied Force Fighting System
5 Digital DVD Special Offer

It’s Praised By Other Martial Artists…
It’s Taking The Fighting Press By Storm…
And It’s Turning ‘Ordinary Joes’ Into Flat Out Self-Protection Experts Almost Overnight…

How the release of this incredible striking system allows you to take out almost any street opponent, bully or mugger, with just one simple strike!

As remarkable as it sounds, now you too can use it – to accelerate your real world skills, getting very good at self defense, very quickly indeed…

“Russell can show anyone how to turn on so much power that they can devastate any street punk or attacker. Russell can change the way you train and how you defend yourself forever."
Herol Graham
3 time British, European and Commonwealth Champion and former World Title Holder at Super Middle ( ABA Champion)
"Russell makes pressure points so easy to use.
He has transformed my Martial Arts"
Bob Sykes
6th Dan Karate ~ Editor of Martial Arts Illustrated.

My friend,

I’m writing to you today regarding some remarkable developments in the world of real-life self-defence.


Don’t tell, but it’s highly likely that with the arrival of this letter today, you can begin to forget martial arts from now onwards.

Forget belts, long hours of ‘training’ and endless learning of boring, ineffective and overly-complex moves. 



You See, What I’m Writing About Today Is A Whole New Way To Fight…

It’s something that simply blows away ‘traditional’ martial arts…it’s something that blows away even so-called ‘military’ systems. And oh, it’s something that’s praised by the press, by World Champion boxers, and by scores of the best and brightest here in the UK.

They’re calling it the new way to fight. 

They’re saying it trumps anything that’s come before – no matter who’s putting it together, and no matter how long it’s been around.

So pull up a chair. 

You’re about to learn how the World of martial arts is being shaken up by this astonishing ‘new way to fight’.

But Before I Talk More About That – Let Me Introduce Myself…

My name is Ian Goehler, and our company was NAP – New Approach Publishing Ltd, also known as ‘The UK Fight Lab’.

Our goal here at ‘The Lab’ was to bring forward the ‘best-of-the-best’ in the World of real-life self-defence – guys who are quietly and secretly ‘under the radar’ (we were your ‘key to the vault’ to getting access to these guys).

Unfortunately we closed down earlier this year, but I still had to write this letter about Russell and the MFFS DVD Set.

We worked with Russell for many years and his DVDs smashed all records at our Company and were the catalyst for many aspiring Martial Arts and Self Defense Instructors.

In fact, this is how we know the ‘legend’ Russell Stutely

You might never have heard of Russell, but he’s become something of a legend in real-world self-defence circles.

In fact, such is the power of his work that he’s been featured on the front-cover of the UK’s #1 magazine in the World of Martial Arts 4 times in one year alone!

He’s also someone who’s been commended by our own Police Force… a guy that’s endorsed by the best in the business….and he’s even someone who gets the ‘thumbs up’ from World Champion boxers.

You see, Russell had come to realise what most people realise about the World of martial arts.

That although martial arts may be part of most people’s training regime – they are sadly lacking in today’s NEW fighting arena…where muggers and bullies wouldn’t think twice about taking what you’ve got and then leaving you for dead.

What’s more…

What’s more, Russell was sharp enough to recognise where martial arts fail so many people.

See, so much of the ‘stuff’ in martial arts is not only ill-designed for today’s modern-streets, but most of the moves and foundations they’re based on were ‘invented’ in a time past…a time that simply doesn’t mirror today’s modern-day street scenarios.

And that means that they’re often constrained by the archaic and complex.

Sure they may look good, but they often fall apart in reality – a reality where attackers can be high on drugs, in a gang, or armed to the back teeth. 

There’s no honour out there anymore.

That’s why Russell took up the reins to develop a whole ‘new way to fight’ …something that would blow away the martial arts of the past – and harness science and the latest in fighting technology to square up to the new street scenario of the World we now live in.

Fact is, Russell has become THE ‘man’ in today’s World of martial arts who’s dragged self-protection (kicking and screaming) into the 21st Century.

And that’s great news for YOU.

Because if you’re like most people – and you’ve tried martial arts yourself – then you’ve probably experienced the same kind of problems that most people face.

They insist on endless, complex moves – and require far too much time to practice!

You’ve probably found this out for yourself. 

And that’s why Russell’s spent the last 30+ years of his life developing, perfecting and honing his ‘New Way To Fight’…something that finally matches up with today’s modern-day street scenarios – and gives average ‘Joes’ what they want: a real-world, quick-to-learn ‘system’ to take out practically any assailant – regardless of your size and strength.

I know.

It sounds like hype. 

It sounds like B.S. 

But if you’re like me, once you hear and see this yourself, you’ll become a true convert.

So allow no distraction. Take a seat. Get ready. And let’s start from the beginning.

A new approach towards fighting…

Russell calls his new approach towards fighting The Multiplied Force Fighting System.

It’s systematic.

It’s scientific.

And it deliberately addresses the problem most people face: wanting to learn a super-effective real-world self defence system – but not having the time to learn.

Here’s the bottom-line: you simply don’t NEED endless moves and such like – and you can’t insist on this either if you want to survive out there today.

You want something that works in the real-world and works SIMPLY. 

And you want something that can be picked up and learned QUICKLY. 

One, two, finish the fight – and you’re done.

So let me introduce you to the important foundation that Russell’s Multiplied Force Fighting System (MFFS) is based around.

You see, there are four foundations that make up Russell’s breakthrough ‘new way to fight’ model – and that form the basis for enabling you to take our real-world street threats – and it’s the foundation on which the Multiplied Force Fighting System is based.

Simplicity, Speed, Placement and Power– (SSPP).

This is the SSPP model.

And it’s the basis for The Multiplied Force Fighting System.

Let’s look at the first foundation in this– the ‘S’ in the SSPP model.


Firstly, let’s get something straight: you and I both know that martial arts are, generally speaking, complex.

There are endless moves, all sorts of wrist movements in some arts, over-complication that looks good but falls apart in reality – and everything else you can think of it.

Russell takes a different approach – one that sees to it that this over-complication simply goes out of the window. There’s no need for it – especially when you are on the street and the you-know-what is hitting the fan.

Let me put it more concretely: you don’t need 1,000 different moves, if you are only going to use ONE when it comes down to a street fight.

Think about it. 

If you’re like most of us, you don’t want to learn and memorise a hundred different moves if you are going to simply forget them on the street. No good.

Instead, you want something that’s simple and works SIMPLY. 

What’s more, you want something that can be easily practiced and easily remembered when push comes to shove.

And that’s the basis that’s been established in the development of Russell’s model.

Simplicity. Quick, easy, simple – just devastate your opponent cleanly, then walk away. 

If you’re like me, you outright KNOW that simplicity is one of the ‘keys’ to learning a fighting system that you can pick up quickly, with minimal memorization, and then go out and use tomorrow – and it’s an integral part of Russell’s model.


Something else, too…

If you’ve ever seen a street-fight, then you’ll know this: it happens QUICKLY. 

It’s like a blur, and then it’s done and dusted. 

And here’s Russell’s take on that:

In and out.

In short, you need to be in and out with a quick, decisive blow that simply ends the fight ‘ASAP.’

And that’s the second foundation or pillar of Russell’s SSPP Model: Speed.

Not necessarily in what YOU need to have – but your approach…the foundation you need to work from…needs to be one of ‘I’m in, then I’m out’.

You need to work from a core grounding of ending the matter quickly.

If you’re anything like me, then you know that with real speed you can end practically any encounter rapidly, then walk away near-unscathed. 

This is why speed is also an integral part of Russell’s fight model.


More, too…

Let’s face it: if you hit someone hard then you can do some serious damage. 

Few people would deny that power is unimportant on the street.

Just one problem: not everyone is blessed with a great degree of power that they can then apply to protect themselves.

And that’s why Russell’s material is so bang-on for so many of us.

In short, Russell’s developed a remarkable basis for striking with incredible power.

So much so, in fact, that some of the very best in the ‘fight game’ have praised him for his work in this area (check out what Herol Graham, ex-World boxing champion says about Russell).

Once again, the ability to do serious, devastating damage with a blow is another important key to surviving a street scenario.

And the final part of Russell’s core,
foundational NEW Way To Fight Model…


Listen: the correct placement of a strike is an integral part of walking away from any street encounter.

In short, Placement Points are the KEY that unlocks
the vault with Russell’s MFFS…

Because when you learn how to REALLY hit someone – with extreme power – and couple that with the correct placement – using Russ’ Placement Point Technology – then the ability you’ll have to defend yourself is just beyond belief.

No matter what .

An example: if you poke a 20-stone guy in the eye, no matter if you’re a weak and frail old woman, you can still cause a lot of pain.

And strikes to tons of other points (Russell will show you) have devastating impact when it comes to the street.

Russell’s work in placement, pressure points and take-out strikes is simple unmatched.

Bottom-line: the correct placement of a strike is simply devastating…

But COMBINE it with power…simplicity…and speed –
and it’s simply incredible!

That’s why Russell’s model is so powerful.

Because you’ve got simple strikes, working together with incredible power, all placed in devastating fashion…and because it’s simple on top…

You’ve created what could be the World’s
most PERFECT Fighting System!

It’s near-scientific in its approach to taking out any street foe.

And because it’s based on a core foundation of SIMPLICITY…it’s as near easy to use (and remember) as anything you’ll find out there today.

It’s this combination and compound of power with speed and placement that is simply mind-blowing. And we’re making everything as simple as possible, so it’s easily executed in a high-pressure street scenario.

And it’s why if you adhere to this – you can end any
street fight…very quickly…as simply as shoo-ing away
an alley cat…regardless of who you are and what you’ve
trained in before!

And it’s why we believe we’ve finally found the solution for anyone and everyone to get…….very good at self-defence…very quickly indeed!

Seriously? Yep. And it gets better too.

You see, because Russ’ MFFS is based on simplicity it’s not only simple to use… IT’S ALSO EASY TO REMEMBER.

And that’s what makes it so bang on. 

You can learn it, use it in devastating fashion, and because of it’s simplicity can call on it as and when required.

Once we saw the MFFS in action – we immediately realised the implications. And we knew it was something we that HAD to be available to the wider self-defence market… hence this letter today.

We basically locked ourselves away for several days worth of filming, until we captured every last essence of Russell’s breakthrough Multiplied Force Fighting System.

We’ve spent weeks preparing this material for release.

We pored over every last part of this…every aspect of this SSPP Model…how the SSPP model integrates into the MFSS… Placement Point Technology…the MFFS Backup Support System…MFFS Application-Specific Scenarios…in short, everything about how they integrate together to form a true ‘take-out’ system for the street – one that’s able to be picked up, used simply…and has devastating results!

We captured everything on five, time-coded, tightly edited Digital Download DVDs. 

And we’ve made them up into a complete Set that blows every last secret of this revolution in the fight game.

Here’s a small sample of what you’re about to learn:

  • “Live” examples (with two training partners) on the right and wrong ways to perform Russell’s MFFS…cementing the learning experience and ensuring you pick this material up as quickly as possible!
  • Why too much tension in strikes is the ‘starting point’ of what most people do wrong with their martial arts training…and how Russell’s secret of ‘controlled pliability’ will change the way you look at hitting an opponent forever!
  • Application-specific examples of applying Russell’s power strikes to joints and locks…drawing on energy for super pain. Lift your opponent off his feet in pain!
  • Why and how to apply this material so it’s like the difference between hitting someone with a daffodil or a sledgehammer! Why you can devastate one or multiple opponents with simple strikes with a power injection that only Russell can give you (you can use the MFFS against multiple opponents too, or armed opponents!)
  • How small shifts in striking strategy can garner huge changes in your results…and what to do to apply this to your own style…doubling your power with half the effort. Take out any opponent with ease.
  • Why hitting someone in the face with Russell’s MFFS is likely too dangerous…and where to hit instead for maximum impact with minimum chance of total wipeout.
  • How to use the MFFS in different planes of movement. Using these planes, you’ll be able to apply this material in nearly all situations. NEVER be out-surprised again. Learn how to take out an opponent in any scenario.
  • THE biggest mistake martial artists make with their feet…and most of them don’t realise this! You will – and when you do, you’ll exponentially increase the power you generate when striking opponents.
  • How to short-circuit the body, ensuring a near ‘rag-doll’ state in your attacker. Use and couple this with power and it’s astonishing. This is Placement Point Technology at its very best and an integral part of the MFFS.
  • How to use MFFS meridians to know how to hit in parts of the body that will crumble even 20-stoners with ease. Again, coupling this with power (and simplicity) makes for a hugely powerful approach towards self-protection.
  • How to use the ‘triangle’ above the eye to really knock an attacker sideways…and why gag reflex points can be so powerful in street defences.
  • Why you don’t need to be accurate to get Russ’ Placement Point Technology ‘off’. With most material you’ll find, you need to strike something small. Not so with Russell’s material – and it’s another reason why we like it so much.
  • Why Placement Points are all over the body too… meaning that it’s a simple matter to take an opponent out in virtually any scenario… whether you can or can’t hit their legs, arm or face – it won’t matter. There are enough points to mean anyone can get off a super-effective placement area that will buckle your foe.
  • Important point: these placement points ARE powerful. Do NOT misuse them. This is serious stuff. They’re not to be misused.
  • How to use MFFS gall bladder and liver meridians. The correct application of these points is incredibly powerful. WARNING: do NOT use these excessively.
Wave To Friend K.O.
Double Waveform K.O

And more…tons more…including MFFS training drills to use …why Russell’s ‘spiral’ is so important…how to use a ‘Bad Elvis’ to help you ingrain and infuse this material into everything you do in self-defence…how to hammerfist and do ‘haymakers’ with Russell’s approach (ultra powerful) – and tons more.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably starting to understand the POWER of Russell’s approach – and why we’re so excited about it.

Russell’s broken down the ability to fight and win to something SIMPLE. 

He’s virtually thrown out martial arts, but still used them as a foundation – dragging the arena of self-defence into the 21st century.

The result is a true fighting ‘system’; one that doesn’t require endless moves, or fancy stuff or tiresome practice. 

Just simple strikes, with raw power and speed – and almost scientifically placed on the human body…

….making it incredibly straightforward to walk away
from virtually any street scenario.

Super effective self-defence can be as simple as that. 

Minimal things to memorise. 

Simple techniques with incredible impact.

And that’s the essence of the Multiplied Force Fighting System.

Best of all it’s firmly grounded in reality – not nonsense that looks flash but gets you nowhere in the real world.

What’s more there are NO fancy moves…stuff that’s hard to remember and requires hours of practice…and nothing hard to think about. 

And YOU can pick this material up with just a handful of sittings.

Hold up – there’s more…

I’ve got some more good stuff for you, too…

In short, I thought it would be instructive to see this breakthrough fight technology applied in real-world scenarios – actually seeing it in real-life action.

That’s why we’ve included some bonus footage. 

This remarkable material shows the Multiplied Force Fighting System in action (we had to deliberately tone it down in parts, because it would have been ‘too extreme’ on participants who were kind enough to be filmed for this).

It shows 12 devastating knockouts based on MFFS Technology – illustrating just how easy this can be to take out an attacker on the street with simple blows…it shows real-world scenarios of using MFFS in conceivable, real-world situations…and it brings home the practical elements of The Multiplied Force Fighting System…right into your front room.

We will include this critical bonus footage with your package…to show you just how The MFFS all ties together in real-life, real-world scenarios!

And finally…

Finally, we went through a the Multiplied Force Fighting System’s Backup Support System. 

This backup system was performed and expanded upon by Tony Bailey, one of the UK’s great trainers in the World of cage fighting, jiu-jitsu and MMA.

Why is this included?

Because as good as the MFFS is – we also recognise that it can’t cover every eventuality. 

Russell would be the first to admit that. So this backup support system is there should the fight turn to the ground, should you take longer than expected to take out an attacker, or should you need it in a tight spot.

You’ll learn the Triangulation Theory, and the Figure of Eight Formula that will act as backup systems should you need them, and that cement the core material you’ll learn with the MFFS.

That’s five DVDs of red-hot, breakthrough fighting technology – a special, breakthrough release.

One last word…

As you probably know, too much of what’s out there today is simply out-dated and antiquated. 

But Russell’s stuff is the FUTURE. 

And you’ll see why when you catch up with these DVDs yourself.

There’s no learning endless moves…just simple strikes with so much power that you can take out (and devastate) whatever the street throws at you….with SIMPLICITY and SPEED

And rather than being sceptical about MFSS like we were when we first got in contact with Russell…we’re now believers…and that means we are intent on publishing this to as many serious martial artists as we can possibly reach.

In short, we believe we’ve finally found something that says ‘Pfui’ to the traditional opinion that you need to spend years learning, practicing and you need to be super-powerful to take out any attacker.

The ingrained foundations of speed…power…placement…make for a systematic approach to defence that’s quick, easy, immensely powerful – and because it’s simple – can be picked up and used very quickly indeed.

Bottom-line: what Russell knows can change the way you train forever!

If you’ve received this offer today then it means the ‘deal’ is on right now, today, to pick up this breakthrough 5 Digital DVD series on Russell Stutely’s Multiplied Force Fighting System – a ‘system’ that can change the way you protect yourself forever.

Seriously, if you’re appealed to by the thought of wiping out bullies like a knife going through butter…if you want to learn all Russell’s secrets for doing this for yourself…then you need to get your hands on what has been prepared for you today.

Ian Goehler

Ian Goehler

Whether you are an experienced Martial Artist, or beginner, these DVDs are essential in understanding how true power is developed… Russell understands the reality of combat and has taught many of the most respected practical combatants in the UK… I have worked with Russell for many years and can personally vouch for the effectiveness of every technique shown… Buy these DVDs…. Double or treble your impact for half the normal effort – It’s a fact!
Peter Consterdine
Self Protection Legend

What is on the DVD Set?


DVD 1 – Power Generation

This DVD covers the fundamentals required to ensure that you gain the MAXIMUM benefit from the MFFS. Learn to DOUBLE or even TREBLE your Impact whilst utilising HALF of the normal effort.


DVD 2 – Placement Point Technology

How to utilise the weak areas of the body in the most effective way. This is the true “appliance of science”


DVD 3 – Back Up Support System

What to do when it all goes wrong. Yes… Russell has thought of everything. IF you make a mistake and all is going wrong, then this is what you need next!


DVD 4 – Using MFFS in Real life Scenarios

Step by step instruction in the most common street scenarios and how to utilise MFFS correctly. A MUST HAVE DVD


DVD 5 – Devastating MFFS Knockouts

How to use the system to K.O and / or completely disable your opponent.

Multiplied Force Fighting System

5 Digital DVD Set
$ 75 One Time Payment - Lifetime Access
  • DVD 1 – Power Generation
  • DVD 2 – Placement Point Technology
  • DVD 3 – Back Up Support System
  • DVD 4 – Using MFFS in Real life Scenarios
  • DVD 5 – Devastating MFFS Knockouts

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