Learn To Box

The noble art of self defense

With National Boxing Coach
Russell Stutely

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For Fighters

If you are a fighter, then this course will give you a ton of “insider information” that will increase your skills in all departments.

For Self Defense

If you want to learn the Noble Art of Self Defense, then you have come to the right place.

For Coaches

If you are a Boxing Coach or a Martial Arts Instructor, then you can get some extremely valuable lessons here.

For Fighters

It does not matter if you are a Novice or an experienced fighter, there is plenty for you to learn from this online course.

It is packed full of the information that you need and want:

How to understand your distance better

Understand where your power is and how to use it.

Become much faster and fluid in your techniques.

Keep better balance.

Keep yourself as safe as possible when you are at all ranges.

Learn HOW to drill correctly – to build your skills in super quick time

So much more.

I have been teaching this material all over the world for over 20 years.

In all that time, I have not failed in helping Fighters to become faster, hit harder and develop better skills.

Now is your time to learn these methods..

Russell Stutely

For Self Defense

If you are going to learn one thing for Self Defense, then it should be, how to Box.

I have helped literally 1000’s and 1000’s of Martial Artists and Self Defense enthusiasts, all over the World, to use these techniques and principles to increase their skills.

These methods have saved lives and enabled many people to get home unscathed from some terrible situations.

My methods of training and the techniques shown, will take your self defense skills to new levels.

Imagine the confidence you will have to know that you hit hard enough to knock that bad guy spark out, you are fit and conditioned enough to outlast almost anyone and you have the skills of a real Boxer.

This is your chance to learn what you need to learn.

Russell Stutely

For Coaches

If you are a boxing Coach, or indeed any Sports combat Coach, then this material will prove invaluable.

You can add this to your existing knowledgebase or use it as a stand alone system.

Many Coaches that I have worked with are now utilising my methods to help their fighters and students increase their skills more quickly.

The principles that I show, can be used in a multitude of ways and as a Coach, you will immediately see the benefits and the reasoning for my methods.

These Coaching methods can be used on their own or you can take the principles and apply them to your own system.

Either way, as a Coach or Instructor, you have a complete ready-made syllabus at your fingertips – and all the elements needed to expand on it further.

Simply put, there is so much information here, that you can generate classes for the next 4-5 years from this information alone.

Russell Stutely

What People Say

I have known Russell for over 20 years. He was the one that got me started into Boxing.

Russell can prove everything he teaches works.

That injury was when I fought World Heavyweight Champion – Anthony Joshua.

Get started with Russell as soon as you can – you will never regret it.

Paul Butlin
Former Area Heavyweight Champ

Russell Stutely is the finest Martial Arts Coach I have ever met.

His knowledge of Boxing and Fighting is absolutely first class.

We have done hundreds of rounds together and taught together, all over the UK and into Europe.

Learn from the man – today.

Herol “Bomber” Graham
Boxing Legend

What is included in the Learn To Box Series - 12 DVD Set

Learn To Box
Section 1 - Stance and Footwork

The most important part of Boxing is the footwork.

This area of training is so under utilised today.

Learn how and why to use your feet to the best possible advantage. Be in PRIME position to strike and stay safe.

Learn To Box
Section 2 - Punches

Learn the correct method to throw the main boxing punches.

Many people think they know how to punch correctly – this is the right way – guaranteed.

You will increase your power, speed and accuracy with these methods.

Learn To Box
Section 3 - Defenses

Learn the correct method to defend against the main punches.

We show different principles on each Defense, which can be utilised on ALL the Defenses.

This way you get MUCH more information!

Learn To Box
Section 4 - Shadows Basic

Most people are doing their shadows completely wrong.

There are a multitude of ways to do shadows to help increase your skills considerably and quickly.

Learn the correct methods to use shadows to improve your ability to fight.

Learn To Box
Section 5 - Heavy Bag

The Heavy Bag means Heavy work. That does not mean you just hit the bag hard for a workout.

If you know HOW and WHY you are using the bag, then this becomes the most valuable training aid you can have.

These methods will transform the way you train.

Learn To Box
Section 6 - Partner Drills

Most partner drills out there are a complete waste of time.

Everyone does a set number each and you can’t wait to do something else.

With my methods of drilling you will truly understand how this can reap enormous benefits and increase your skills and understanding enormously – and quickly!

Learn To Box
Section 7 - Ringcraft

This is a huge subject, so we have broken it down into PRINCIPLES that you can apply to many situations.

Also, take the principles shown in shadows, heavy bag and partner drills and apply them to your ringcraft.

Learn To Box
Section 8 - Padwork

The vast majority of the Padwork out there is complete and utter Bullshit.

They are actively teaching incorrect positioning, distance, timing, footwork, movement etc.

Learn HOW to use the Pads to ACTIVELY teach CORRECT positioning, distance, timing, movement, punching, attacking, defending and more!

Learn To Box
Section 9 - Boxing Styles

Once you have integrated the Boxing style that I teach you throughout this course you will adapt it to suit your preferred way of fighting.

Here we go through some of the main styles that you can utilise.

You can take parts from one style and use with any other – now that you understand these principles.

Learn To Box
Section 10 - Advanced Tactics and Training 1

This is for the more advanced student, fighter, Coach.

Where you are shown more training principles and tactics that can be utilised for fighting and skills building.

Remember to add in ALL the principles that you have learnt so far INTO the information shown here!

Learn To Box
Section 11 - Advanced Tactics and Training 2

This is for the more advanced student, fighter, Coach.

We add in more and more to build on Section 1 previously.

Here you will learn a ton of new principles that can be applied to everything so far.

Learn To Box
Section 12 - Training Sessions

This section will give you an idea of how to structure your training sessions, be that for yourself, students, fighters or just for fun.

We show you more ideas and principles that will enable you to create incredible training sessions for many years to come.

This will radically transform the way you train.

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