The Gaia Fighting System New Breakthrough BLOWS TO BITS The World Of Self - Protection and Street Fighting.....

The World's Most Effective And Brutal Self Defense System! Developed by The Pressure Point Expert, Russell Stutely.

A bold claim? Sure - but read this and see for yourself!

As a customer or subscriber of mine, you know that I do not make any Bold claims myself. So, I am going to just let you read what NAP have to say about this new DVD Package.

From Ian G at NAP


You better DROP everything you are doing RIGHT NOW!

Turn off the phone. And the TV. And get ready for your martial arts World to be set alight.

I’m writing with astonishing news from the World’s top martial arts system developer and pressure point expert…Russell Stutely.

Yes, the one and only Russell Stutely!

You already know of Russell from his award-winning training programs. I’m talking about programs like his Multiplied Force Fighting System, Pressure Points Black, and many more besides. We’ve been proud to publish these programs here at NAP.

But here’s the thing…

For the last TWO YEARS or so, Russell hasn’t really developed anything ‘new’ for us here at NAP. In fact, for the last two years, we’ve simply continued selling Russell’s slightly older (but still enormously valuable) programs. But we’ve not heard anything NEW from him for a long while – two years, in fact!.

And that’s been a bit of a ‘downer’ for us, because we’ve always tremendously valued his ‘stuff’. And so have many of our customers. His ground-breaking ‘MFFS’ (Multiplied Force Fighting System) from way back in 2007 – that was nine years ago now – won the SENI Instructional DVD of the year award.

That’s how highly-rated Russell’s materials are.

And his other programs are amongst the most highly valued by our top customers, too.

So you can see just WHY we so highly value what he comes out with.

But today…I have some VERY interesting ‘news’…of a very important development from Russell!

It concerns exactly what Russell has been up to for the past two years or so, since developing his last training program.
What has he been up to? And WHERE has he been for the last couple of years? And who has he been training with?

Sure, we’d heard the ‘odd’ thing from Russell, but invariably, each time we got a message from him…he was in a different country.

Soon enough – we found out why!

And it’s THIS which is going to shock and amaze you, and frankly rock your martial arts World from its foundation to its core and beyond…once you realise the power of what Russell has been preparing for you.

The clue is in the words ‘different country’.

You see, Russell has been ‘about a bit’…and he’s now settled in the Philippines, home of the Eskrima arts. But over the last couple of years Russell has been all over the shop – learning and studying and proverbially ‘putting the pieces together’ on some of the World’s most powerful martial arts systems.

Whether it’s the Far East…Malta…Hong Kong…the Philippines..or even further afield…Russell has left no stone unturned in trying to find, and studying the very best Martial arts on the entire globe!

And what he has ‘discovered’ is what I’m writing about today…

I would hate to call this ‘the ultimate system’, but I think we have yet to come across something that comes as close. And the fact is, only a martial artist of Russell’s stature, background, knowledge and sheer ‘connectedness’ could have pulled off such a staggering, ‘martial-arts-world-rocking’ event.
This is EPIC.
Announcing…brand-new and for the first time ever:

Russell Stutely’s Brand-new GAIA Fighting System

Let me introduce you to something that is going to rock your World forever.

Have you ever heard of the name ‘Gaia’?

If not, let me tell you now that GAIA was the Ancient Greeks’ God of the globe, the God of the World

So what does this have to do with martial arts?

Picture this: take the World’s foremost masters, of the World’s BEST martial arts and self-defense systems…then take The Worlds foremost Pressure Point Master – Russell Stutely. Then make their ‘worlds collide’.

In short, Russell effectively ‘sucked up’ only the very best, most applicable and ‘real world’ parts of the entire WORLD’S BEST (best, most brutal, most effective) martial arts. He then added his own proprietary pressure points material on top…kind of like overlaying a gorgeous sponge cake with the best chocolate icing known to man.

I’m talking about taking the best of the best self-defense systems…from all over the WORLD…and then taking out only the most BRUTAL parts from each…and THEN adding ‘Stutely’ on top.

Imagine: taking the best, most ‘street powerful’ techniques, methods and SECRETS from Kali…from Wing Chun…from Muay Thai…from Krav Maga…and other of the WORLD’S BEST martial arts and reality systems…screening them so you’ve ONLY got the most BRUTAL parts of each…then adding Russell ‘on top’ using his most effective and frankly ‘hurt-inducing’ pressure points, his most effective techniques to increase power, his most effective techniques to conquer the street.


Can you see how powerful this is, how breakthrough, how extraordinary?

How it, quite literally, blows to bits any other martial art, or self-defense system out there today?

How can I say such a thing?

Think about it. This isn’t based on any single art…rather, it ‘takes the best’ from each of the WORLD’S VERY BEST…takes the most BRUTAL and frankly nasty parts from each…and only THEN adds even more power, applicability and ‘pain’ (and quite frankly brutality) to each…through Russell’s own proprietary techniques of pressure point work and added power.

This is truly mind-blowing, truly a breakthrough that, as I hinted at previously, only a martial arts genius like Russell Stutely could have put together for us.

This is the big game-changer. And I’m privileged to be writing to you about it today.
The World’s ULTIMATE Self-Protection System

So when I say Russell has selectively built on and added to the World’s best, most brutal and most effective martial arts, what do I mean – exactly?

Let’s face it: with most martial arts, there are definitely parts and aspects of the art that are more EFFECTIVE than other parts.

What’s more, there are also parts of martial arts and self-protection systems which are more BRUTAL than others.

To give you a practical example, let’s look at an art like Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) – the Muay Thai elbow is a very devastating techniques from the art of Muay Thai. But would you want to use Muay Thai groundwork on the street? Hardly! That’s because it’s very STRONG in certain areas and very WEAK in others.

And it’s the same story with most – all, in fact – martial arts.

Kali is very strong in certain areas, weak in others. Wing Chun is excellent close in, at close quarters, but is weak at certain distances. And so on and so forth…

That’s why Russell has been ‘training’ ALL the best of the best arts…and throwing out the rubbish…and frankly improving and building upon the best and most BRUTAL bits of every art!

Each has been carefully built on…with the ‘weaker’ parts thrown out, and only the very best from each retained and built on.

What’s more, Russell has been sure to retain only the most brutal and frankly devastating and ‘shock-inducing’ parts of the best of the best arts.

And then…

But that’s far from all…

Because then, ON TOP of all this, Russell has then added his OWN proprietary and frankly dangerous pressure points and power generation methods on top of all this!

What is left is freakishly dangerous and not for the squeamish.


It is NASTY.

In fact, what is left is possibly the most dangerously effective self-protection system known to man. And it is simply called…

The Gaia Fighting System

UNDERSTAND: Any single martial art – on its own – won’t ever completely cover you. But by using a potent ‘mixture’ of all the best – and then using the World’s most powerful pressure points on top of that – then you hit the pinnacle of street-fighting, where nothing else comes close.

And that’s exactly what this new Gaia Technology hands you.

And it gets better…

You see, Russell has also made sure that he’s made sure this is all easy to learn stuff.

There’s nothing complicated at all about his new Gaia System…

It doesn’t matter how strong you are…whether you are flexible or not…what your experience level is (rank beginner or veteran – either way is fine)…and you definitely DO NOT have to spend years in a dojo learning this stuff!

And that’s VERY good news, I’m sure you’ll agree.

For thousands of years…

For thousands of years, man has wondered what the most effective self-defense and fighting system really is. Ultimate Fighting (UFC) has sought the answer, but no one has really found the answer. Even UFC still has ‘rules’ and isn’t the street, where bottles, sticks, eye gouges and throat strikes are still allowed and actively encouraged.

No-one really knows what the best art really is for the street.

And that’s why this Gaia System is so extraordinary – because for the first time ever, it takes the very best of ALL arts…takes the most brutal and nasty parts from each…then accelerates, builds and combines them with Russell Stutely’s own pressure points and power generation methods, to bring us a fighting system that is, quite frankly, unstoppable.

So let me tell you what we’ve done for you here today…

Now, as mentioned earlier, Russell’s latest ‘lair’ is currently based out of the Philippines So that meant we had to go out there in person to bring you this latest Gaia Technology.

To be blunt, we have spent a fortune bringing this to you today. We even had our ‘top man’ fly out personally to the Philippines (and he never usually gets involved…but this was deemed ‘so important’ that he flew out personally to oversee it, that’s how immense this project was and is)…where Russell’s lair currently is.

Yes – we filmed this ‘on location’ and spent literally thousands of pounds (and even more dollars!) just to bring you this new technology today.

We then quite literally ‘let Russell loose’ as he frankly let rip with every last nuance of this new Gaia technology that he has been working on.

The bad news is that you couldn’t be there to see it all as it was ‘unleashed’. But the GOOD news is that you’re ‘one of us’…a top-drawer customer of Russell Stutely.

So consider this your front-row seat to the party, so you too can now get your hands on this – the World’s newest and arguably most powerful and brutal EVER fighting technology and system.

Russell started out…

Russell started out by outlining what he’s been up to…and introducing the arts that he has been working with (and on) to bring you this new Gaia Fighting Technology.

First up…Russell had been working with a Kali master. He has met the top Kali guys who use sticks, knives and hands. And he told us how great Kali can be…if you use it correctly…and if you know the SECRETS for using the best and most brutal parts (whilst throwing away the useless and hard-to-learn material).

For example, one of the KEYS to using Kali is ‘flow’…that enables Kali masters to move fluidly and quickly, like a ghost that an opponent doesn’t know how to hit!

But like any art…there are parts that Russell can ‘draw out’ and effectively ‘brutalise’ and make more effective and powerful. Kind of like taking a great car, and ‘tuning it up’, adding more power to the engine, more finesse to the handling, to turn it into a ‘mean machine’ that can take on all comers!

Over the course of three days, Russell unleashed and unraveled his new GAIA Fighting System to us in a complete ‘A-Z’ fashion, with nothing left uncovered.

As mentioned, he started out with Kali, but after that…Russell took us though aspects of Systema, the martial art of the Russian Special Forces….of Krav Maga…the art of the Israeli Special Forces (Russell has trained with the World’s top Krav Maga guys…even helped them with their training)….Wing Chun…an art with a huge history, as the legendary Bruce Lee was an original proponent of Wing Chun…

Then Russell moved onto Aikido…and how to use only its most brutal and nasty ‘street parts’…in combination with pressure points, and with the added power that Russell is known for…next up was Kenpo…which has thousands of techniques…but which Russell ‘nailed down’ to just a handful that are really nasty and brutal…

Next up Russell turned his attention to Muay Thai…the art of Thai Boxing. Muay Thai is one of Russell’s absolute FAVOURITE arts…but it’s still a SPORT- so once again, Russell ‘stripped bare’ the most effective parts of Muay Thai…and quite literally made it UNfair!

And finally, Russell looked at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, undoubtedly one of the World’s most effective sports martial arts for competition. But again, Russell took out the ‘sport’, took the most brutal parts, and added more ‘nastiness’ to them so they are devastating for the street.

Here’s a sample of what you’re going to learn:

  • A frankly horrific ‘eye gouging’ which when coupled with Russell’s power moves, will have your opponent’s eyeball literally rolling around the floor
  • A technique to shatter the bones in your attackers arm when he swings for you; then follow up and break his ribs for good measure. That will teach him
  • How to use Kali limb destructions, coupled with waveforms; destroying an attacker’s fist, so bad he won’t want to throw another punch…ever again!
  • Using Kali weapons defences; once he tries to ‘bottle you’, you’ll use his own bottle to slash him to shreds, instantly ending the fight
  • How to destroy the hand of a knife attacker, so he’s unlikely to be able to use it again. This one is pure agony.
  • An unbelievably vicious move based on the Systema ‘figure of 8’, which will leave your opponent’s windpipe in two pieces. This is for life and death scenarios ONLY.
  • How to use the Systema principle of ‘Screaming’ to induce more pain and hurt in your opponents WITHOUT having to increase your power, size or strength
  • How to take advantage of Systema’s advantage in ‘close in work’ to easily get out of being pinned against a wall (a common street attack) – instantly reversing positions so you can easily overcome your assailant (ideal for door and security staff)
  • How to use the power of Systema’s DOWNward strikes to easily fell any attacker with ease; watch this one ‘live’ and you will see how easily you can floor anyone with a simple downward stomach shot, based on Russell’s technique and Systema methods
  • How to almost instantly disarm a guy with a firearm using a fast, efficient and brutal Krav Maga technique. Before he even realises what’s happened, he’ll be on the floor and crying
  • How to use ‘fire and water’ techniques of Chinese Medicine, coupled with a Waveform elbow to virtually take the head off your opponent instantly finishing the fight
  • How to use ankle-shattering stomps, and knee pressure points on a ‘downed’ attacker to ensure he doesn’t get back, bursting an artery in the process…really, really nasty stuff.
  • How to use Krav Maga hammer fists in conjunction with Russell’s neck pressure point ‘clusters’. This is so powerful, just a slap is enough to KO!
  • An excruciating technique to disarm anyone with any kind of weapon – knife, stick, or GUN. Either way, he’ll be crying in agony.
  • How to ‘ramp up’ the power of the infamous Wing Chun ‘chain punching’ (perfected by Bruce Lee) with Russell’s power techniques. You won’t need many ‘chain punches’ to completely finish the fight!
  • How to cause serious pain by using wing chun trapping in conjunction with pressure points; this will take your street skills to the next level!
  • A simple eye rake based on Wing Chun technology, followed by Waveforms…a simple, easy to use technique to finish fights fast. You’ll learn how
  • How to use ‘close in’ work that’s common with street fights to snap a guy’s elbow like you’d snap a Kit Kat for your afternoon coffee
  • Wing Chun throat strike, which doesn’t need to be accurate, which can drop a guy in-stantly. Doesn’t matter how big he is. He will go down like a sack of potatoes
  • A much more powerful version of the already powerful Thai Clinch…this one will just cause him to knock out it’s so powerful (and it’s only a grab!)
  • A devastating use of the already powerful Thai elbow that’s practically an instant knockout. You’ll see what most Thai fighters do WRONG…and what to do on the street instead!
  • How to use the proven-powerful Thai low kick when Russell ‘makes it over’ and im-proves it. Even a light touch of this proven kick will cause screams on your attacker
  • How to beef up the power of the legendary ‘SHUTO’ Aikido strikes so they literally fell an attack with one simple ‘chop’, having him writhing in agony on the ground
  • How to use Aikido’s ‘Tai Sabaki’ to easily deflect incoming pushes, grabs and jabs and crosses.
  • How to use a Shuto strike to neck pressure points to cause an instantaneous knock-out…including the RIGHT way to hold your hand to cause maximum damage
  • How to use a simple Aikido lock, along with pressure points and ‘spiralling’ to cause the attacker’s arm to be shattered and should popped out – this one is a life-changing event, and not to be used
  • How to use shuto strikes to ‘toast’ a guy’s arm; you can literally stop the fight with a single arm strike, that will have him doubled-over in agony
  • How to use an Aikido ‘killer block’ to literally knock a guy out from a BLOCK only; he will throw a haymaker, then wake up six minutes later!

We wanted these techniques to be so brutal and nasty, that they wouldn’t just end the fight…that just one of these would end the CAREER of whoever was trying to use them on you!

JUST to emphasise here…

What you’ll be learning here is, I want to emphasise, dangerous and brutal. It’ will, quite frankly, cause PHYSICAL RUIN when applied to whichever foolish street thug even dares test you. In fact, if you ‘use’ this new Gaia Fighting Technology, then whoever stands in your way will realise they’ve made a VERY big mistake by crossing you…in fact, the results (for them) will be positively traumatic and catastrophic.

If they even ‘try’ it with you…they will realise they have made a very HUGE mistake!

Just to be clear here: Russell wants to emphasise here…there’s no bad art. It’s just that when you take the BEST OF THE BEST…add Russell Stutely’s own super-powerful material…then you get over-sized and frankly ‘nasty’ and brutal results.

Take the ‘nasty’ and ‘best’ stuff from the BEST martial arts in the World…AND THEN add Russell’s own methods…and you can see how powerful this really is.

Why I’m writing to you today…

I’m writing to you today to give you ‘first chance’ at snapping up this new Gaia Fighting Technology for yourself.

Yes, the finishing touches have been added…all the preparation time is finished, and everything is ready for you right now.

I want to send you everything…the whole system, all bound into a glorious set that you can watch and learn from, all from your favourite comfy armchair – so you can start using this breakthrough information by this time next week.

Over the course of an astonishing 8 DVD set, you’ll have everything you need to start using the GAIA Technology in your own home by this time next week.

What you get:

First up as the primary module of your training program, you get the 8 DVDs of the main Gaia Fighting Technology fully outlined and explained for you.

Second up, riding alongside this, you’ll also get a HUGE workbook that outlines Russell’s brand-new Gaia Technology in full and glorious detail.
And we haven’t just stopped there…

On top of your main 8 DVD training set, and your ride-along workbook, we also have created THREE further add-ons training components to really ensure you ‘get’ this, that you can totally integrate it into your own training as quickly and easily as possible. So you can really ‘get’ this almost immediately, and start using it by this time next week…

So you will also get a bonus DVD simply called Best & Most Brutal Gaia Techniques where you’ll have a quick and handy reference DVD (which I’m sure you’ll refer to often) to ‘get’ the best, most brutal techniques from Russell’s Gaia System.

That’s a HUGE set of material…

I’m inviting you today to grab your own front-row seat, and see for yourself how much of a difference this is going to make in your own life. Will you join us?

I hope so, because you too can have this knowledge, this power, these secrets that will put you in the top 0.1% of all men roaming the planet right now.

Like back in the ‘Neanderthal’ age, and right now in the jungle – who do you really think wins?

It’s the gorilla, the Silverback, the ‘beast’ who can fight and win…who rules.

You can rule…you can win…you can be ‘the 800lb silverback gorilla’ in your very own jungle or backyard…one who can wipe out whoever dares to stand in your path…no matter how big they are, how ‘hard’ they are – or what they know!

Just think: even a martial arts master is ONLY AS GOOD AS THEIR ART.

But what about you? With THIS…this Gaia Technology…you’re not just at the ‘top’ of one single art – you’re at the top of the best of the best.

This is about more than one art…it’s much bigger and more powerful than any single art could possibly be.

Much more powerful!

And not only that! You’re at the top of the top…because you’re using Russell’s methods and ‘keen eye’ to draw out only the best and most BRUTAL bits of all of them…then melding and fusing them together into what’s effectively a ‘Mastery of ALL martial arts’…in one convenient package.

Add Russell’s power point and pressure point knowledge and secrets on top…and you’re only beginning to imagine the brutality you can unleash and power you’re going to have!

It’s this knowledge and power which I’d like to offer you today…and the best thing is, you can do this all from your favourite armchair, and you can start by this time next week!

As I mentioned before, I think only Russell Stutely could have put together this for us today.

There’s no one, to our knowledge, ‘out there’ today who has both the experience of this huge number of martial arts, along with the pressure point and training breakthroughs required to proverbially ‘get the job done’.

If, like us, you realise that, then I’d urge you to check out this brand-new Gaia Fighting System package today.

Let me ask you this: why spend years learning thousands of moves, most of which you will never learn, and frankly waste ten years of your life learning just one single art?

Why not just use this?

Because you’ll get the best and most brutal of all, and then Russell’s methods on top – creating something far more powerful than anything else out there today.

Within just days of opening the box, you’ll quickly realise the power that Russell has effectively unleashed for you. You’ll realise that searching for another ‘art’ is practically an obsolete, vain task – Russell has done it all for you, handed you the cream…the nasty stuff, the most effective stuff, the dangerous ‘best of the best’, all combined and fused together – with pressure points and extra power added on top!

Can you think of a more powerful combination – a more powerful fighting technology than THIS?

I certainly can’t!

That’s why I’d urge you to check it all out for yourself today.

Get on this RIGHT NOW…

In just a week or so from now, you too can be putting to good use this new Gaia Fighting Technology from the ‘main man’, Russell Stutely. And you can do it all from the comfort of your home, from your favourite armchair.

Just absorbing what Russell will show you is going to give you a huge edge on the street. In fact, forget ‘edge’ – this is more like getting a full cliff! This is like a UNFAIR advantage…actually, it’s like ‘tooling yourself up’ with the most brutal and effective street methods known to man – and making your street survival and your street DOMINANCE a near certainty.

It’s your turn to completely dominate the bullies and street thugs. It’s your turn to ‘turn the tables’ and become that Silverback Gorilla that other men fear, and frankly step off the pavement for when they see you coming their way.

And it’s your turn to learn the newest, most brutal and most EFFECTIVE street self-defense system available today.

The Gaia Fighting System

Ian G

What you will receive.

The Full Gaia 8 DVD Set for IMMEDIATE Digital Download.

Plus: 2 Gaia Bonus DVDS for IMMEDIATE Digital Download.

Was $575.00 – Now Only $220.00

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