Counter Strike

Is Counter-Strike the correct term?

I prefer the term: Strike when in the correct range.

That has a much more varied use – and can be utilised when YOU want to.

Have a look at this Tip for more information


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One Response

  1. If have been receiving a ton of offers based on pressure points, many look like they are trying to lift your techniques and make it work-and it doesn’t because they don’t understand the why we do what we do. They are ripping folks off , and hurting the notion of pressure point fighting as a real viable defense system.
    You have the best proof that you aren’t whatever a counter striker is on I think DVD1 of the series you did with LEE-“Makeem Miss…Make em pay!” I think it is towards the beginning of the DVD where you set your angle change and where Lee could have struck you, a subtle , almost imperceptible change in your body alignment, he could try to whack at you for years and never connect, but now you are in optimum range for pick your strike. If you didn’t know about this common sense tactic, you probably wouldn’t notice it-which you set right by example and explanation,
    These sort of techniques are very important to me as I really can’t afford to be struck often , because my blood medicine would probably allow me to bleed to death.

    I am behind because of my poor memory and deadly home environment, which I am trying to change living arrangement under the order of two doctors (in writing). You made a follow up to makem pay but wasn’t able to order it.
    I have been practicing some of the strikes on myself, because I think it is important you feel the pain to know what you can inflict. I finally nailed spleen 6 to where just pushing with a finger or two deliver an amazingly powerful pain of the third kind(really does hurt a lot more than I ever imagined).

    Whomever refer to what you do as counter striking, apparently doesn’t understand the role and meaning of the word “strategy”. Those would be the sort that attempted change a flat but forgot an important strategic feature of the process-use a a jack!
    You know that I have many of your DVDs thanks to your generosity, and I see you strategically posturing to be in that position to make the player work. You are very subtle and maybe that why many are saying counter striker. When I was a nuclear war planner we use much of the same ideas.

    No, rather I think that we are hearing from those who are trying to pass off their techniques as “whack a Meridian”, when in fact they are teaching “Whack a Mole”.

    Summed up you are a gifted pressure point expert and a brilliant strategist(which I bet even you may relies you are doing). I see the brains of how you work in every series, because that is what I am
    looking for. Oh, don’t try to find yourself applying strategic striking, as you may end up like the centipede lay on his back trying to answer the question which leg goes first, second, and so forth.
    Thank you, my coach and friend, for asking for my input.
    Your training changes how you see the world working as part of a whole-yes strategy.


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