Steve Kelly

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I’ll let Russell tell you about me…

I have known Steve Kelly for several decades now. In that time I have witnessed his dedication to the Martial Arts and to the correct teachings of Martial Arts and just as important to Self Defence.

Steve has proven himself in all aspects of those subjects at the highest of levels. He has produced several Coaches and helped hundreds of people over the years to massively increase their skills.

I am proud to not only know Steve as an incredible Internationally recognised Instructor but more importantly as a true friend.

He is a man of honour, who has always been true to his word and the first to step up to the plate and help those around him.

The true essence of Martial Arts and Self Defence, is alive and kicking in Steve Kelly.

Russell Stutely,

World Leader Pressure Point Fighting,
National Boxing Coach – Cambodia.


OCFM 5th Dan
Senior Instructor BCA
4th Dan Karate Jutsu
4th Degree Tae Kwon Do
1st Dan Combat Ju Jitsu

John Andrews and Steve Kelly

Contact: Steve Kelly

Learn All Aspects Of OCFM Training
Private Training Available: Yes
Seminars Available: Yes
School: OCFM Luton
Address: Lealands High School Dance Studio, Sundon Park Road, Luton. LU3 3AL UK

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