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City: Derby

State / County: Derbyshire

Country: UK

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President & Senior Instructor – Aikido Union England

6th Dan Aikido Budo (2010 by Master P.Stratford, A-U-E & W.A.K.O-A.M.A.),

Sensei John Gaynor has trained in Martial Arts since 1980. His love for Aikido became obvious when he began training under the late former Vice President of the A-U-E Sensei Chris Mcdonald 6th Dan, former Secretary to the A-U-E Sensei Janet Mcdonald 4th Dan as well as his weekly private lessons with his friend the late Sensei Charlie Hall 3rd Dan who introduced John to Aikido.

John has previously worked for over 15 years on Licenced Premises as Frontline Security within the East Midlands, U.K. This put a very practical angle into his Aikido, his martial arts practice and teachings. He is a fully qualified O.C.F.M. International Coach, P.P.D.T. & P.P.F.C Senior Instructor under Master Russell Stutely.

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