Centre Lock

This is an area where there is so much mis-understanding.

Hopefully this will help to put things straight.

We use this lock to EXPLAIN how and why locks work, how they can be improved and how to apply PLAYERS to make EVERY LOCK you do MUCH MORE effective.

Till you get this information correct, then you are losing out on making everything else work much better.

Take the principles here (very basic) and apply them to EVERYTHING that you do.

Then add in as many principles (Players) as you know to make everything even more effective.

Let us know what you think of the clip below:


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9 Responses

  1. 😆 keep it coming Russell, I enjoy your teachings. I am getting better every time I hear you. And you have not even added the players to the lock and it still hurts. A fight can be over on just a wrist lock put on properly . I like that!

  2. Hi Russell, your trajning tips are super ( as usual). Just one wee comment- your videos are darkened a bit because the lens is pointing into the light- if you angle the lens away from direct light , it will make the video much sharper.
    regards, Ragnar.

    1. Hi Russell, it is such a pleasure watching your videos because the way you show and explain the various techniques Instills an instant understanding so easily, and that is the sign of a true master. I look forward sometime to train with you personally.
      regards, Ragnar.

  3. Simply great stuff. It is nice finding a teacher that knows his stuff instead of just knowing how to sell his stuff. Thank you very much for all your videos and great lessons.

  4. Thanks for all the kind comments… MUCH appreciated.

    The filming is at my home gym…. so it is not going to be top quality Broadcast quality… we will try to get the lighting better though…

    We want to provide the best quality we can.. not just info.. but also in the presentation…

    Lots more training tips to come…

    Thanks again everyone.

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