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Explosive Striking is So much more than hitting hard. It is also...

Hitting with timing, speed and perhaps most importantly with precision. All of these elements combined make each and every strike truly Explosive

So many people get frustrated in their training when it comes to correct striking.

Maybe you can hit real hard and fast on the Heavy Bag, but for some reason this does not translate to the Pads or to sparring or more importantly to a FIGHT!

As the Worlds Leading Pressure Point Expert it is my duty to learn, train and teach the most effective ways to actually make Pressure Points work in a real fight.

I have always ”assumed” that everyone already knew how to ”fight” and they could simply add this information to their existing skills.

Well, that’s true, to a large extent. However, so many people have asked ”How I train” that I was convinced I had to inform people of the way I ”earn the right” to land a technique.

Hence the best selling DVD Set – Make ’em Miss, Make ’em Pay was released in December 2015. This was an instant best seller, with the highest possible ratings.

Everyone wanted more information on HOW to make your strikes land in the right place, at the right time, for the best effect AND without putting yourself in danger.

Hit Correctly And "What You Are Aiming At" and everything else kinda - Falls Into Place!

I have been saying this for Years and almost everyone thinks it is a flippant, throw away remark. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s just analyse that phrase for a moment:

Hit Correctly: This means that all the following as a MINIMUM is being applied properly:

  • Footwork – Your feet are in the right place to ensure that you can hit hard and fast, without getting hit
  • Body Positioning – You are angled correctly, so that you have maximum bodyweight going into the strike, whilst at the same time, not over-committing and also keeping your own body as safe as possible.
  • Head – Your head has moved correctly to ensure the max power and penetration in the strike, AND it is also protected and out of potential harms way.
  • Distancing – You have ensured that your distancing is such that YOU can hit at full power and that your opponent either can’t reach you or could not reach with any significant power.
  • Movement – You have moved into position for the strike and OUT of harms way… and kept yourself in position for follow up strikes if required and STILL out of harms way.

Hit What You Are Aiming At: The following minimum requirements must be in place:

  • Accuracy – You must actually hit in the area you want to hit.
  • Alignment – You need to be hitting that target at the OPTIMUM angle for the BEST effect.
  • Penetration – Your strike must ”Claw through” the target area
  • Choice of target – The area chosen must be vulnerable enough to complete the job required, be that limb destruction, knock down, set up or K.O

Oh, and all of the above – AND MORE – must be done in the Blink Of An Eye.

You Have To: Explode Into The Attack, Be Accurate AND Stay Safe!

There is no easy way to get this information by yourself.

I used to go to Boxing twice a week and get beat up twice a week. This went on for what seemed a lifetime.

I was doing EXACTLY what the Coach was telling me to do. I was training EXACTLY the same as the more experienced guys. So guess what happened? The Experienced guys beat the crap out of me!

I am sure that you have probably had a similar experience? Be that in Boxing, Karate, TKD etc. When EVERYONE is doing the same thing, then the more experienced, Bigger, Stronger guy will win.

I knew I had to change the way I was training!

I was doing so many things wrong when I sat down and REALLY ANALYSED what I was doing.

Why would I want to be in the other guys striking distance?

Why would I want to be at an angle where we both can hit each other?

Why would I want to ”play the same game”?

The answer, was to APPLY the principles I ALREADY knew!

I understood what I needed to do, in my own training and within ONE WEEKEND I had it worked out.

I got beat up at Boxing on Thursday, worked out what I was doing wrong on Friday, trained it at the weekend.

Then on Monday, I went Boxing…. and no-one could land a glove on me!

And I want you to go through that same transition!

  • Explosive Striking. Is SO MUCH more than just hitting hard. It is ALSO about hitting with timing, speed and maybe more importantly with precision.
  • Hitting what you are aiming at. Is so much more than aiming at the target and getting there. You have to be in position to dominate totally and be defended at all times.
  • Once you know this information, you'll skyrocket your abilities. My DVDs show you the EXACT training methods I used and still use to this Day, to ensure being in the best position possible to land your technique.

Learning the MOST EFFECTIVE Drills in the shortest timeframe Is The Solution.

You need to know the quickest route, to learning the best training methods available, in order to land the most effective strikes you can.

It is not about training MORE hours in the Gym.

It is not about training MORE years in your art.

It is not about training MORE ways to attack and defend.

It is ALL ABOUT the intensity and precision you put into your training.

You never need more time in anything in life. You just need more intensity in the work that you are doing. That same rule applies in your training.

Most of us do not have the luxury of being able to train for several hours, several times a day. We NEED something that is quick and effective.

We get that from INTENSE training in the CORRECT Methods.

And that, my friend, is exactly what this BRAND NEW 4 DVD Set will do for you.

Simply Called - “Explosive Strikes”

This BRAND NEW 4 DVD Set will take you along the EXACT training journey that I used and still use each and every week to ensure that I can be in the optimum position to strike explosively just when I want to or need to.

You will learn the EXACT Drills that I use.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the 4 DVD’s:


The correct alignment is CRUCIAL in making each and every strike as explosive as possible. This DVD covers that area

Speed and Precision

This DVD will show you how to be FASTER than your opponent. No matter what! Plus, how to train for precision.

Training Methods

Learn the EXACT training methods I use to totally mess up my opponent. How to break his rhythm and he can't stop you

The Drills

This DVD details ALL the drills that we incoprorate in our training sessions. You can now do the same training session as me,

This is YOUR SOLUTION to becoming EXPLOSIVE and ACCURATE in the shortest timeframe possible.

Some gems that you will learn:

Alignment – This is critical to ensuring that you deliver the maximum impact and at the same time keeping your own structure safe from any damage.

Tap / Double Tap – This simple yet mostly unknown technique will quickly allow you to make single / multiple strikes in rapid succession, without getting countered. Incredible Information.

Rhythm / Anti-Rhythm – Learn EXACTLY what the problems most fighters fall into and how to use that to yuor advantage. When you break the rhythm, you can hit at will.

Just Throw It – Most people want to take the time to set up and get ready to strike. Learn this incrdibly simple method of ”Just Throwing It”. No-one knows it’s on the way and so it lands!

Precision, Timing, Speed and Power - The 4 Aspects YOU Will Have Soon!

this is pure gold

“I am sure that most of you will know that I have known Russell for some time now. So I am bound to say something good right? WRONG! This DVD Set is not good, it’s PURE GOLD.

I have never seen such an intricate and difficult subject made so damn simple to understand. Concepts that are beyond most people scopes are now available to anyone and everyone.

The title of Explosive Strikes does not do this set justice. Buy it NOW!

craig burman

he has stolen my thunder

“I have trained with Russell for about 16 Years now and have always considered him the best Martial Artist I have ever met.

This DVD Set confirms that. The timing, precision, accuracy, precision, distancing, movement etc are what TOP CLASS Fighters are looking to achieve.

And just by using the Drills on this Set, you can do it too!.”

herol "bomber" graham

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