Train to Miss The Bag – Why you should practice missing!

It is VERY RARE to see anyone practice what happens when they miss – on the Bag… and even more rare on Pads (yuck do not do them).

In a Boxing Match or indeed any fight… you can be sure that you will miss 40-60% of the punches you throw.

So, it seems like it might be a good idea to actually practice what to do when you miss!

The Triangle Theory of Fight Distance – The explanation

This is a proven concept that will help you to understand the actual distance from you to your opponent and to think about how and when it changes… so that you can truly understand when to throw and move.


Usyk beat Joshua almost as I predicted

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Why Joshua Will Never Beat Usyk

Here I outline what happened in the fight and the reasons WHY Joshua lost and WHY he will never beat Usyk

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Questions and Answers

Here we will answer your Pressure Point Fighting, Training, Self Defense and Boxing questions. Get your questions in before or during the Webinar.

Joe Joyce – He ain’t ready for the next step

Joe joyce did great at the weekend to get the win.

BUT – He took too many shots – far too many.

His punch speed was FAR TOO SLOW.

I blame his Coaches – they are not teaching HOW to increase punch speed.