Heavy Bag – Heavy Work

There are many principles that we teach for Bag Work. These EXACT same principles can and indeed should be used in your: Shadows (Kata), self defence training, Paired up work, padwork, sparring and of course, fighting! Take the principles shown here and apply them yourself. If you are a Coach, Instructor, Sensei etc – then […]

If you are going to grab – grab properly

When learning defenses and the offense of a grab, grab like you mean it. Too many times I see grabs that are done specifically to allow the good guy to win – that is more than ok when learning and first experimenting of course. It is more than ok at teaching speed and power, of […]

Grabs and the easiest get offs

Whenever you are grabbed – your first reaction should be to hit the grabber. In these examples we are exploring what to do when you forget to do that for aome inexplicable reason. It shows how stupidly easy it is to get off a grab and how it can become whatever situation you want, from […]

Q & A For Pressure Points and More

Here are the main questions asked and answered during this Podcast thing: How deep are Points How hard to press Favourite points Kata bunkai is it any good Basics and how they work drilling – e.g top wrist lock etc Best way to learn self defense Is it true you are training Andrew Tate

There are only 3 locks – No matter what BJJ tell you

This annoys so many people when I point out that there are only 3 locks. They immediately say things like “I know 20 wrist locks!” They actually know 20 DIFFERENT WAYS to apply one of the TYPES of the ONLY 3 locks. Once you understand these principles and the 3 locks, then you can work […]

Defend The Hook

Far too often we see the attacker unable to double up on their hooks, as they have transferred too much weight to the opposite side. This makes the “catch and counter” all too easy to use. Drill this with your training partner, or visualise on the heavy bag and make sure that you do not […]

Bag Drill 3 – 25 5 etc Explained

It does not matter what techniques you are actually doing, what matters is that you keep good form throughout, keep yourself defended before, during and after the strikes and also that you do not cheat on this exercise. Once you get to 15 15 and 5+ Rounds you are well on your way to being […]

There is only one strangle

Once you understand the formula of there only being ONE Strangle, you will be amazed at how many variations you can come up with!

Q & A With Russell Stutely

Here are some typical questions asked and answered ref HOW to learn Pressure Points, how to train and a few other aspects. Well worth having a good listen.

Grab Principles Part 1

These are simple principles that can be applied to many techniques – not just grabs. REMEMBER – Take 1,2,3,4,5 down to 1,2,3,4 then 1,2,3 then 1,2 and to just 1 if you can.

Controlling The Distance – Control The Fight

During any combat fight / altercation it is imperative that you control the distance. Once you understand that distance and how to CREATE it properly, you can add this to your existing skills.

Bag Drill – Circular Movements

This bag drill can be adapted for ANY Martial Art / Self Defense scenario. The only limit is your imagination and your ability. Take the time to have a good think about how you can use it.