Pressure Points Don’t Work? Of course they do

Every so often, some muppet starts going on about Pressure Points not working – simply because they tried to do it and had no idea what they were doing. And because they have no idea what they are doing and are unable to make them work – they say they don’t work! Here we show […]

Elbows are Punches – Knees are Kicks

This is a strange concept for many to grasp – but when you watch the video, it should become clear. Learning in this way helps ensure that you have the correct follow through and many other aspects of striking.

Using your head and shoulders for distance, angulation and more

It is vital that you understand HOW the head and shoulders can be used together to generate the best angle and distance WITH power against your opponent. The SAME principle can be used for defensive movements too! Play with it – ADDING to everything else we show and see how it works for you.

Knockout Power Punch For The Street

If you have no choice but to hit – then you might as well hit them so hard, that it finishes the fight there and then. This clip will give you some invaluable tips for generating MASSIVE impact in your strikes.

Variations of the Jab and Lunge Punch

Once you have the basics down – be that a Boxing Jab or the the front punch from Martial Arts – then it is time to start using variations. There are countless ways of doing it – here are some examples to get you thinking HOW you can use your own way of utilizing this […]

Fulcrum Lever Base – Explained on a Limb

Once you understand this principle of fulcrum, lever and base – you can start to take your locks to new levels of pain. The same principle can be used to move your opponent into the direction you want them to go. Take the time to learn this well – you will be pleased that you […]

How to generate MASSIVE power from short range.

These principles can be applied to ALL strikes – not just punches. They can also be applied to locks, takedowns and throws. The only limit is your level of understanding and application.

Common Jab Mistakes

Have a look at these common mistakes – they can also be applied to Traditional Martial Arts and of course, more importantly, for self defense. It is vital that you keep mistakes to a minimum – for obvious reasons.

Usyk Joshua 2 – My prediction and more

I was clinically correct on the first fight. That is by the by…. but here I explain HOW Joshua can win – and it is NOTHING like the “experts” say. Than I give my prediction for what will actually happen!

Liam Neeson Special Set of Skills What Punch is coming?

You can never be certain of what punch is coming – but you can stack the odds in your favour. You can “invite” certain attacks and make others very difficult. This increases the chances of getting the attack you are looking for – making your counter so much easier – or even your pre-emptive strike! […]

More Trigonometry For The Martial Arts.

Once you understand the concept of the 3,4,5 Triangle or a²+b²=c² – Then you can begin to understand your max distance for both offence and defense. You will also understand that same distance for your opponent – and their intended target areas. Take the time to learn this concept well.

Outside Hip For Lots Of Torque

Once you can understand HOW the body generates Torque, you can then utilise this information for more power in your strikes, more power in your takedowns and throws. It also allows you to use angles and previously poor positions to your advantage. It means you can start to hit MUCH harder from all kinds of […]