Intensity In Training – What it should mean!

Most of the time, people assume that intensity of training, means going balls to the wall as hard and as fast as you can. However, like all aspects of Martial Arts, there are levels and more meanings to this. Intensity of concentration, of desire to learn, of dedicated practice and drilling. The list goes on. […]

Structural Alignment of the Lower Arm

In Combat Sports and in Traditional Martial Arts, most often, the structural alignment from the hand / wrist to the elbow is incorrect. This causes several problems, in that once the integrity of the structure is compromised, then there is an inherent weakness at the joint/s involved. In most cases this results in wrist injury […]

Why Do You Punch Like That?

When I ask that question, the usual answer is along the lines of: “That is how my Coach / Instructor told me and it is how we do it in (Insert name of art here)” Nobody gives a valid REASON for WHY they punch like that. Nobody says that they have tested different methods and […]

Introducing “Fight Like an Old Man” – The Ultimate Self-Defense DVD Set

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my latest product, “Fight Like an Old Man” – an 11-DVD set packed with powerful self-defense techniques that can be used by anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. In today’s increasingly dangerous world, it’s more important than ever to know how to protect yourself and your […]

Bodyweight Connections

Understanding how they work and the relationships between single, group and whole body movements is critical to your development of skills. This means understanding the differences between an arm punch, a punch with a step and a punch with whole body movement and applying those principles to each and every technique that you do. There […]

Beginner Drill For The Liver Shot

This basic drill can be used for all sports Combat and most importantly for self defense. Look at the options you have when you move offline as compared to staying online. Look how much safer you are when offline, as oppose to being online. It is up to you HOW you start and HOW you […]

Angles on the Bag

When training solo and indeed especially with a training partner, it is IMPERATIVE that you use angles as often as possible. Moving straight in and straight out all the time is a recipe for disaster. In self defense it is even MORE IMPORTANT to use angles to ensure your safety as much as possible. This […]

My Arm Bar Does Not Work!

I am amazed at how many times “Internet Experts” try a technique, show it not working and proudly declare that “It Does not Work!”. Thereby dismissing what others are teaching as BS or whatever. The problem is .. most of these numpties are doing it all wrong … and acting as if they are doing […]

Kata Bunkai That Works – Hammerlock

As you will see from this lesson – most of the time, this lock is not being done as correctly as it could be. Even many Instructors of this technique do not understand about the control of the elbow that is required. Now, for Prison Officers, that I have taught this to, there are other […]

What It Means To Be A Real Coach!

There is a VAST difference between COACHING and training. Most “Coaches” and “Instructors” are actually just Trainers with a Certificate or Trainers with a Black Belt. Real Coaching is TEACHING. It is a deep and thorough understanding of the subject matter and an ability to pass on that information in a clear, concise and easy […]

Pyramid Bag Circuit

The PRINCIPLES of this circuit can be utilised for all combat sports, self defense and for Traditional Martial Arts. The ONLY limit to this is your imagination and fitness level. If you are fit enough to do this – then you don’t need to do it!

Shoulders Shrug Up and Chins Down – Keeps Yourself Protected

One of the golden rules in Combat Sports and more importantly for self defence, is to keep yourself protected at all times. Especially protecting your chin – as that is what most people aim at. This simple method will help you to keep your chin as protected as possible.

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