I Can’t Explain Why Pressure Points Work

This seems like an odd title for a Post from an ”expert” on Pressure Points?

Well, yes and No. Let me explain further.

One of the most common questions I get asked at a Seminar or a Course is ”Why do these points cause this effect?”.

It is a very valid and fair question.

We are all there to learn right?

The problem is, that I can’t really answer the question in a setting of that format.

You see, the Why question is a great one, but it opens up a whole lot of other issues with the question.

My short answer to the question is this ”Because it just does”.

This sounds flippant and appears to be dodging the bullet right?

Actually no… it is because in that format it is about the best answer I can give.

My explanation (which I also give) is below.

For me to truly explain how and why these points cause these reactions would PRE-SUPPOSE that you already had a detailed enough understanding of too many things for me to give an answer that truly befits the question.

Let me throw this analogy at you.

You get a phone call from your Friend Mr Smith.

He tells you that Mrs Smith has slipped on the Ice and is in Hospital with a broken Hip.

You FULLY understand everything within that one sentence.

Now we get to the WHY Parts.

Why did Mrs Smith slip on the ice?

Well we ALL KNOW that ice is slippery.

Well that then begs another question, why is ice slippery? And so on and so forth!

Why did Mrs Smith Fall?

We we all know about gravity?

Well that then begs another question, why does gravity make you fall to the fall? And so on and so forth!

Why is Mrs Smith in Hospital?

Well, we all know that if you have an accident you will be taken to Hospital.

Which begs the question, why do we have hospital?… and so on and so on.

Why does Mrs Smith have a broken Hip?

Well, we all know that if you fall you could break your hip.

Which begs another question, why did Mrs Smith not break anything else?

All of these why questions are not needed BECAUSE we have PRIOR and existing knowledge of all of the above.

So when Mr Smith tells us about the accident to the poor unfortunate Mrs Smith, we understand everything very quickly.

We understand because we just know that’s the way it is.

It Just Does Happen That Way.

And that, is how I have to explain WHY Pressure Points work.

It Just Does Happen That Way.

My answer of ”Because They Just Do” is not flippant.

It is because I can’t do justice to the question in that setting.

Sometimes we just have to accept that it works because it does.

1 thought on “I Can’t Explain Why Pressure Points Work”

  1. or you could say: overstimulation of the human sensory system causes an dramatic effect on the organism.
    It is simple. for every action there is an equal reaction. The action for a pressure point is normally a strike of some sort.
    that same strike to a different location causes a measured input to the sensory system (nerves and brain) and the body reacts.
    When a pressure point is accurately struck, the sensory system is either overwhelmed or tricked into a more dramatic response than seems appropriate for the force applied.
    It’s the same as poking your thumb into your hip bone and using the same force to poke your thumb into your eye ball. Same force, but a markedly different response. Pressure points are like the eye ball of our anatomy. A little force extracts a great reaction.

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