Join us to celebrate my
Birthday Special Offer

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January 2nd


Russell’s Birthday
Special Offer



"I'm older than I was yesterday, but I'm definitely younger than I'll be tomorrow!"

Russell Stutely


What you will receive!

You will receive the following Digital Downloads:

  • Balance Points
  • BAR
  • Players
  • PPKO Made Easy
  • Hardcore Fighting Secrets (3 DVD Set)
  • Magical Moves (2 DVD Set)
  • Players Secret Sessions (6 DVD Set)
  • Heian Katas
  • Tekki Katas
  • Bassai Katas
  • Kata Bunkai Made Easy.

That is 19 Digital DVD Downloads for you – with IMMEDIATE Access after purchase!

Reduced from $1200 down to $195.00 with my Birthday Special Offer.

NOW ONLY $195.00

My 58th


Get Your Birthday Special

I can’t wait to celebrate this day with you!

The individual price for each DVD Download was nearly $1200 on special offer release.

We then smashed that price down to only $295.00 – and then I had a crazy idea……

Being as it is my Birthday today – and I am 58 – Stuff it…. have another $100 Discount.

Hurry up and get this before the deal runs out.

Reduced from $1200 down to $295.00 and then we added my 58th Birthday Special Discount.

NOW ONLY $195.00