Birthday Boxing

Boxing training is supposed to be good for you

Well, when it comes to the New Year, most people start making their Resolutions etc.

They usually do not last long.

I made a New Year resolution quite a few years ago, to not make any more New Year resolutions!

Just carry on training and trying to improve in all areas.

That should not be something that you suddenly decide to do, just because it is another New Year… but something that you should always be doing anyway.

My gym opened this morning after the New Year close down… and straight back in.

Totally done in …. on my Birthday as well.

Anyway… the reason for this post… is to make the point, that we should be training and getting better all year… not just a few weeks in January.

This morning was just 15 rounds, struggling to do less rounds at the moment… but will get it down to 5 soon.

Anyway… Happy New Year to you all… and hope to meet up and train with you this year.

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