We have just witnessed a big K.O victory for Chris Weidman over the incredible Anderson Silva.

What has this got to do with balance you might be thinking?

It has EVERYTHING to do with it.

Balance is one of the MAIN Keys to making your Martial Arts / Self Defense work better. In fact without balance, your skills are.. well… not there for that split second in time.

Anderson Silva took a left hook that put him out, when he was completely OFF balance.

He had leaned too far and got caught just at the point he was ”regaining” his balance in order to keep evading shots. It is at this precise moment in time when even a relatively light shot will have a MUCH more dramatic effect.

I have often said that if YOU are IN balance and your OPPONENT is OFF balance, then you have just dramatically increased your chances of winning.

This particular case of one of the best fighters ever getting caught – when previously he had never been, has nothing to do with his show-boating or his age catching up with him.

It is very simple… for a slight moment he had no balance and therefore had no way to ”absorb” the shot as he has done so many times in the past.

This is why we stress BALANCE as the core, the foundation of everything we teach. I am not saying we are never off balance (everyone gets off balance all the time) but merely that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to understand how and why the body is balanced.

If you TRULY UNDERSTAND these principles then you can apply them to your art, easily and efficiently.

Many Judo / Ju Jitsu / Wrestling etc Players understand balance as one of the keys to making throws and takedowns work better. You can apply those same principles to your standup game.

Many top Boxers / Thai Fighters etc understand balance as one of the keys to evasion, defense and offense. You can apply these same principles to standing clinch work, takedowns, throws and to the ground game.

BALANCE is the key….. and we can help you to understand it!

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