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Beat the bad guy - every time

The times we live in are increasingly more violent and dangerous.

Crime is on a never ending rise and we have fewer and fewer Police Officers to deal with it.

It would seem that all Law Agencies are more concerned with someone ”tweeting” a nasty comment than someone wanting to cave your skull in on a nice Saturday night out with your loved ones.

Did you know that just in the UK, Violent crime towards the individual has risen 23% in the last year?

That is an AWFUL statistic.

The USA had its 11th School Shooting of 2018 IN JANUARY! Yes you read that right… IN JANUARY.

It is now a sad fact that we now HAVE TO know how to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

We can never again rely on or hope for help and protection from our Law enforcement Agencies.

They are simply not going to be there.

what people are saying

Everything just works

Years of Martial Arts training and doorwork have taught me many things. However, what Russell teaches blasts that out of the water.

It is quick and easy to use… and MORE IMPORTANTLY…. It just works!

Craig Burman

I am in this dvd

I have had about 60 Professional MMA and Boxing Fights.

I have done doorwork for years. I have trained with Russell for many years.

His material is so easy to use and quick to apply. I jumped at the chance to be in this DVD Set – I wanted to feel these techniques for myself – and boy do they work great!

Vaklav Skramach aka 'Bart'

Let’s have a quick look at some of what you will
learn from this DOUBLE DVD Set:

  • INSTANT And Extremely Effective Self Defense
  • How to break your attackers arm if he is crazy enough to throw a punch
  • Instant torque multiplied takedowns
  • Instant finishes
  • The correct way to strangle - put them to sleep in under a half second
  • Head Takedowns - so fast and effective that there is no way out

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