X-Fighting System 3 DVD Set
DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU OWN WARRIORS UNION The Easy Guide To Fighting As you may know, I have worked with New Approach Publishing (NAP) for a few years now and this relationship has been fantastic. They are great people and great fun to work with. During this period I have held intense training sessions that they nor anyone outside of my "Core Inner Circle" were ever aware of! However, as is often the case, the cat was let out of the bag so as to speak....
The Gaia Fighting System
New Breakthrough BLOWS TO BITS The World Of Self - Protection and Street Fighting..... The World's Most Effective And Brutal Self Defense System! Developed by The Pressure Point Expert, Russell Stutely. A bold claim? Sure - but read this and see for yourself!
Players To The Game - Secret Sessions 6 DVD Set
All 6 DVDs delivered direct to your door PLUS All 6 DVDs for DIGITAL Download
Hardcore Fighting Secrets
Historical BREAKTHROUGH Course - Shows You Actual COMBAT REALITY and How to Stop HARDCORE VIOLENT ATTACKS!! WARNING: This may not be for you. You Will See Blood. You will see Attackers with Unfair Advantages and Multiple Attackers all Get Their @** KICKED... and then you’ll learn exactly how to do it for yourself.
Platinum Training Program Up Front
The full Platinum Training Program. Online course that gives you every lesson. Full OCFM Coach Certification upon completion. Plus you also receive full access to the PPFC and the PPDT Courses. There are limited spaces for this Program. I do not accept anybody. I need to know that you are the committed and determined individual that you need to be, to complete this program. I will not even try to convince you as to how amazing this Program is, you either want it or you don't and only YOU can decide if this Program is right for you. FACT: Platinum Program Members TRANSFORM their Martial Arts FACT: Platinum Program Members progress at an amazing rate FACT: Platinum Program Members DOUBLE their striking Power FACT: Platinum Program Members train with the Worlds best Coaches FACT: Platinum Program Members are helped to become the BEST that they can possibly be Do you know the single biggest reason that people join my Platinum Training Program? IT WORKS... Plain and Simple.. IT JUST WORKS!
Balance Points Download Only
Available immediately after purchase. "Balance Points by Russell Stutely is the Lost Art of Body Physics explained in a simple, clear, concise way. It makes the learning process so simple it is amazing. There is something for everyone on this DVD." Anthony Blades 5th Dan Shotokan, OCFM Master Instructor.
Body Alarm Reaction (BAR) Download Only
BAR - The stress of a real fight and how to conquer it. Put your opponent out with ease. ""I revealed these Secrets to some of my most trusted and loyal friends a little over 12 Years ago. The information remained "locked away" for 6 Years and then it was released to the "select few" within Martial Arts and Self Defense... Now it is YOUR Turn".".. Russell Stutely. Europe's No.1 Expert.
Players To The Game Download Only
Available immediately after purchase. Players to The Game are what makes Pressure Points REALLY Work. I have experienced this FIRST HAND. I know from Russell's teachings all over the World at the HIGHEST Levels that this information is what you need. Buy it now or deny yourself a lifetimes opportunity. Peter Consterdine 9th Dan Karate
Pressure Point Knockouts Made Easy Download Only
Available immediately after purchase. Simply follow the on screen instructions and you will be knocking out your training partners left, right and centre! Learn the CORRECT method to achieve REAL Pressure Point Knockouts. Watch closely as Russell Stutely not only teaches the correct method but demonstrates actual Knockouts as well.
Available immediately after purchase. The correct Bunkai for all 5 Heian / Pinan Katas
Available immediately after purchase. The correct Bunkai for all 3 of the Tekki Katas
Available immediately after purchase. The correct Bunkai for all the two Bassai / Passai Katas


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