Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set

Pressure Points Black 6 DVD Set

Pressure Point Fighting

Pressure Points Black

So let me tell you more about this BLACK Set that
Russell has finally released for you…

Over the course of the filming we broke down the body into several component parts – and then had Russell apply his secrets to EVERY aspect of the body.

Remember something important here: Russell is Europe’s pre-eminent authority on Pressure Points. He’s been praised by ex-World Champ boxers…been on the front-cover of the famous Martial Arts Illustrated magazine…and has stunning reviews from the UK’s top-brass, up and down the country. He’s learned from the true MASTERS in this game…and has honed his own skills through years of study and real-world experience that few Pressure Point guys ever experience.

That’s what makes him unique .

So we looked at BLACK Pressure Point secrets for the head, arm, leg, torso and so on. We wanted to stop at nothing to bring you this Ultimate Set.

Russell applied the same secrets he’s learned from 15 years of studying Chinese Medicine to every aspect of the body…and then threw in some additional secrets to take the power of these Pressure Points up a notch – to this, new, higher-power ‘black’ level.

(Let me just say here that one of the reasons that Russell is considered the Europe’s foremost expert on Pressure Points is partly because of his incredible knowledge of the body, from a Chinese perspective. He understands the body – anatomically and physiologically – better than anyone else in the game).

Russell looked at everything you need to bring you up to ‘mastery’ level of these black Pressure Points secrets…body-balance-analysis…quadrants…and tons more material you’ve never seen before. This is high-level Pressure Points stuff that YOU can use to immediately take-out whatever comes at you on the street.

But I want to emphasise something here, before we go any further…

And that’s this: although this is powerful stuff, it’s not ‘MUMBO JUMBO’. You know the kind of thing…stuff which sounds great but simply isn’t pragmatic. Well, this is pragmatic Pressure Point material. Stuff that actually WORKS on the street. As a quick demo of this, you’ll see and hear the anguish of the people in the DVDs…showing you how real this is.

And here’s something else important…

Russell grounds everything for everyone initially, so even if you starting out with Pressure Points, you will still get quickly up to speed. Damn, I love this set of material. It’s definitely the best material Russell has ever put out.

As we moved on throughout the day, Russell also looked at Technique Enhancers. This is the kind of material that will make the Pressure Point material you learn even more powerful.

These technique enhancers are simple secrets that Russell has developed (and tested) over many years to ‘ratchet’ up the power of any Pressure Point striking Points. Here’s one example: the technique of the heavy hand.

How would you like a 200KG hand?

Sounds impossible, right? You’re right, it does. And, of course, you can’t suddenly develop a 200 Kilogram hand.

Or can you?

Well, you’ll see some simple tricks Russell uses on these DVDs to INCREASE the perceived weight of his hands…so hitting an attacker will feel like you’re using an iron bar to clobber him. Combine this ‘technique enhancer’ with the Pressure Point secrets you’ll learn – and, WOW…get ready!

Pressure Points Black

There’s plenty more on technique enhancers too…stuff on body vibration (the secret to magnifying the power of a Pressure Point strike)…disguising your strikes…using the technique enhancer of body balance Points…and plenty more.

Now, once you’ve been grounded in these Technique Enhancers, we had Russell go through all these ‘black magic’ Pressure Points throughout every aspect of the body.

So we started at the head…moved down through the arms, torso, legs…and just looked at the front and back of the body – everything! We stopped at nothing to bring you the BEST EVER set we’ve put out for our customers who want the ultimate knowledge of truly dynamite Pressure Point secrets.

Here’s what else you’ll learn throughout this section…

  • TRUE ‘Black Magic’ Secrets: How to hit a Pressure Point and keep the ENERGY from that Point inside the body. This is for maximum pain and the ability to drop anyone. This is serious stuff.
  • How to split the biceps of your street attacker (ideal for grab attacks). You’ll know what to do to cause excruciating pain to your attacker with these black Pressure Point strikes to the arms.
  • ‘Black’ secrets of joint release: this involves ‘tricking’ the brain into loosening up the joints so that they are easily broken. Not for everyone. And only to be used in emergencies, when your life is in danger.
  • How to work tendons, triceps and more parts of the arms with Black Magic Pressure Points. Any arm grabs, attacks and such like become MUCH EASIER when you hold these Pressure Points secrets in your arsenal.
  • How to apply a black Pressure Point to the ankle …ideal when you’re floored. Remarkably, of all the famous UK martial artists that Russell has met, he’s never met ANYONE that can stand up to this black Pressure Point! It’s a fight finisher. Full details revealed!
  • How to use ‘opposite effects’ Pressure Points on the opponents head to drop like a sack of King Edward potatoes.
  • How to use Russell’s Numbering System with your partner to ensure you don’t cause excessive pain to each other, if you decide to practice on someone else.
  • Instant Knockout Points to use on the head. Geez, these ‘black’ Pressure Point secrets are g-o-o-d and super-powerful!
  • How to instantly spin an attacker’s head using a black Pressure Point in the attacker’s CHIN. Great for just controlling someone, when you want to ‘play’ with him
  • Why most boxers hit UP when they strike…when you’re actually best off hitting downwards (you’ll see the devastating results ‘live’!). These kinds of ‘black’ strikes are seriously powerful…no matter how big your opponent!
  • How to apply black Pressure Point strikes to the torso – not much power required with these Points – and you’ll see the participants look on in disbelief as Russell hits them!
  • Russell’s secrets of ‘compound maximisation’. This is incredible. You’ll learn how hitting TWO Points simply doubles the power of each black Point. (you won’t believe this until you see it. It’s ‘Black Magic’ type stuff!)
  • How to apply Russell’s principle of Linkage…so you’ll be apply to link two (or more) Pressure Points together. The result is an opponent who is left as a pile of quivering blubber.
  • And plenty more…

A fair warning: this material does contain swearing from the participants involved. At one Point, you’ll even see a participant refuse to carry on. He simply couldn’t take it any more! We’ve never had that on ANY previous shoot that we’ve done, by the way.

Clips from all 6 DVDs of this Amazing Set Below


The Foundation Program


Technique Super Enhancers


Black Pressure Points Areas of the body


Pressure Points Black in Grappling - Standing and on the Ground


Against the 10 Most Common Street Attacks


10 Deadly Uncensored Street Finishes

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Enjoy this amazing offer!

Russell Stutely
Europe's No.1 Pressure Point Expert

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