Multiplied Force Fighting System 5 DVD Set

Multiplied Force Fighting System 5 DVD Set


Herol Graham TestimonialTestimonial by Herol "Bomber" Graham - One of the finest Boxers the UK has ever produced.

"If anyone knows how to hit hard, it's us Boxers! Well, we can learn a thing or two from the way Russell Stutely develops true punching power.

This DVD Set covers EVERYTHING you need to know about how to hit really hard. Plus, you also learn where to hit for the best effects and how to do it.

If you are serious about your training development, then buy this DVD Set now!

Herol "Bomber" Graham

“How The Release Of This Incredible Striking System Allows You To Take Out Almost Any Street Opponent, Bully Or Mugger With Just One Simple Strike!”

As remarkable as it sounds, now you too can use it – to accelerate your real-world skills, getting very good at self-defence, very quickly indeed…

MFFS 5 Disc DVD Set


Dear Reader

I'm writing to you today regarding some remarkable developments in the world of REAL SELF DEFENCE

Forget Belts, long hours of "training" and endless learning of boring, ineffective and overly complex moves.

What you are about to read is a NEW WAY TO FIGHT.

It simply blows away traditional Martial Arts.... it's something that blows away even so-called "military" systems. Plus... it's praised by the press, by World Champion Boxers and by scores of the best and brightest.

They're calling it the new way to fight. They are saying that it trumps anything that's come before - no matter who's put it together, and no matter how long it's been around!

So, pull up a chair, grab a coffee and prepare to read something that will CHANGE THE WAY YOU FIGHT FOREVER!

But before I talk more about that - let me introduce myself...

My name is Ian Goehler begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting and our Company is New Approach Publishing Ltd. The plain fact is that we are the UK's No. 1 in the field of producing real world, real-life self-defense instructional DVD's.

We publish everyone from the UK's very top ranked (officially) self-defense Instructors, to trainers of bodyguards, to underground street-fighters... we are intent on bringing the best of the best to the USA and indeed the rest of the World.

In fact.. that's how we ran into Russell Stutely....

You may never even have heard of Russell... but he is fast becoming a legend in real world self defense circles. In fact, such is the power of his work that he has been featured on the Front Cover of the UK's #1 Martial Arts Magazine, been highly commended by the Police Force, endorsed by the best in the business and someone who even gets the thumbs up from World Champion Boxers.

The fact is... Russell has become THE MAN in todays World of Martial Arts who has dragged self defense kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.


Peter Consterdine Testimonial

Peter Consterdine 8th Dan


"There is no greater compliment than to have one's own personal techniques shown in a DVD and shown well. These DVDs are a tremendous example of how to develop massive power from almost no effort. Russell Stutely has combined pressure point work with great elements from the 'Powerstrike' System.

Whether you are an experienced martial artist, or beginner, these DVDs are essential in understanding how true power is developed. There are some fantastic demonstrations of impact delivery and if you have ever wanted to truly strike and kick hard, then look no further than these DVDs. No-one has ever captured my 'double hip' applications better than Russell, but he has now taken them to a higher level by combining them with Pressure Point principles.

Russell has adapted all these principles for introduction into a range of striking and grappling systems. There is no system that you could be practising that would not benefit from incorporating these power development principles.

Russell understands the reality of combat and has taught some of the most respected practical combatants in the UK. They found out what you should know - that what they thought they knew about impact was incorrect. WHAT THEY KNOW NOW - SO SHOULD YOU.

I have worked with Russell for many years and can personally vouch for the effectiveness of these principles and techniques. If anyone now carries the torch of what I believe and teach in respect of impact development it's Russell Stutely.

Double or treble your impact for half the normal effort - its a fact - Buy these DVDs and learn how!"

Peter Consterdine 9th Dan

Your price as a new Customer is $164.00 $149.00 for the complete system.

That's a full 5 Disc DVD Set, expanding fully on all the information given so far... delivered to your door and fully guaranteed for 30 days!

You are going to seriously love this information.... you are going to learn these cutting-edge tactics in a few short hours

Because.. if you are like most people - and you have tried Martial arts for yourself - then you have probably experienced the same kind of problems that most people face.

Martial Arts insists on endless, complex moves - that all require far too much time to practice!

This is one of the main reasons that Russell has spent the last 21 years developing a system that finally matches up with today's modern-day street scenarios and gives average "Joe's" what they want: a real world, quick to learn 'system' to take out practically any assailant!

I know... it sounds like hype.... it sounds like BS

This new approach is called the "Multiplied Force Fighting System".

There are several aspects to this amazing system:

  • Learn to hit REAL HARD
  • Learn where to hit for the BEST EFFECT

Now, you are getting years and years of research, development, field-testing and good hard training condensed into a 5 Part DVD set that WILL TRANSFORM YOUR SELF DEFENSE SKILLS!

Simply follow along with the step by step Instructions and watch your POWER and IMPACT grow in minutes.

Many people have DOUBLED or even TREBLED their Power and yet at the same time HALVED the effort required!

Here is a small example of what you will learn

  • Live examples of the right and wrong way to perform the MFFS .... thereby helping to cement the learning experience at a faster rate
  • Why too much tension in strikes is the "starting point" of what most Martial Artists do wrong... and how Russell's secret of "controlled pliability" will change the way you strike forever!
  • Application-specific examples of applying this to joint locks... literally lifting opponents off of the floor in pain!
  • What and how to apply this material... see the difference LIVE
  • How small shifts in striking strategy can garner HUGE changes in your results.
  • Why hitting someone in the face with these strikes is probably TOO DANGEROUS... and where to hit instead for Maximum Impact with MINIMUM chance of total wipeout... and prison time!
  • The biggest mistakes people make with their feet... and how to change that to exponentially increase your power
  • How to Short Circuit the body, ensuring a near "rag doll" state in your attacker.
  • How to use the Placement technology to hit parts of the body that will crumple 300lb guys with ease.
  • How to utilise the "gag" reflex properly.
  • How to choke properly

To make this deal even better I am going to ensure that you have complete peace of mind with my rock solid 30 Day Guarantee!

Payment can be made in your currency and can be via Credit / Debit Card or Paypal

We use the latest in shopping cart and Internet Security. Russell Stutely Productions NEVER see your card details.

Hard copies go out via Royal Mail First Class (99.85% of orders go out within 48 Hours of receipt)

Enjoy this amazing offer!

Russell Stutely
Europe's No.1 Pressure Point Expert

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